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“It’s one of those things now that I’ve given him the opportunity I got, and that’s what those jobs are open to,” Rivera reported late that morning. I told the group. “Most of the time things happen quickly, so he has a chance to get one of them. That is, people want to go and see what happens.”

However, Rivera immediately asked Kibosch about his team’s front office, whether Washington could hire a GM, and whether Harney could run for the job. This is a bit different from its traditional role in Washington.

“I’m not going to talk about our GM situation,” said Rivera, who has the final say on team personnel in a “coach-centric” structure. “Everything, all the people, and everything will be dealt with at the end of the season. For me, the biggest thing everyone has to understand is to focus on running the playoffs here. It means that they are matching. “

Since the fifth week when Rivera put Dwayne Haskins, a second-year quarterback, on the bench in favor of Scott Turner’s attacking Kyle Allen, Washington’s focus has a record that all candidates have lost. Focused on the strangely competitive NFC East area. At the time, the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the New York Giants didn’t escape with a clear lead.

However, Washington remains in the lead with a 6-8 record after losing to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, giving the team a chance to win the playoff berth for the first time in five years on Sunday. Defeating the Panthers in FedExField eliminates the Cowboys-Eagles battle. The victory, coupled with the Giants’ defeat to Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, will allow Washington to win the division and the fourth playoff seed.

“Honestly, I’m excited. It’s really the best of all because I’m in the playoffs,” Rivera told the previous team about the prospect of clinching the playoffs harbor. “… that’s one of the things we’re working on, and what I want to focus on is not Ron Rivera winning and revenge, but the organization winning and participating in the playoffs. That’s right. To be honest, I have a lot of obligations to the franchise, so this is the last thing I want to be. “

But if Washington loses to Carolina, the path to the playoffs becomes ambiguous and depends on the results of the last two weeks. The Giants can beat Baltimore to take the lead in the NFC East, but if the Eagles lose to the Cowboys, Philadelphia can beat Washington in their 17th week home victory over the NFC East. I can do it. ..

Dallas was able to survive by beating the Eagles and losing to the Giants and Washington.

Before the 2020 NFL schedule was announced, Rivera expected Washington’s home game against Carolina to be the season opener. The storyline was simply too good. Rivera and several assistants who followed him from Carolina and took over the team that fired him.

But now that Washington is in the middle of the playoffs, Rivera claims the game’s emotions have diminished, and he emphasized the need for players to keep a short outlook.

“If this was our opener, believe me, it would have been a very emotional game,” Rivera said. “But it’s not this game. For me, the results of this game are really about this team, and this organization is relevant and taking a step forward.”

Still, Washington’s push for playoff spots probably doesn’t just excite franchises that have been plagued by defeats over the last two decades. It also promoted Rivera’s long-term goal of reforming Washington’s culture.

“I really think that’s part of it,” he said. “I think the fact that we did something every week kept that energy level high. Every week, we say,’Hey, we’re in control of our destiny,’ so we play hard. I think it shows how important it is to play well.Talk weekly [how] We have a chance. I think it’s important. Especially for young men, they are looking at it. “

Winning has a way to cure the disease. But due to injuries, Washington also found a surprising depth in the key positions of young players and some of their basic parts. To help fill the gap, it often had to be creative in finding depth. To fill that latest gap, Washington was a linebacker and signed Mycal Kendricks from the Seattle practice team, confirmed by those with knowledge of the situation. If Kendricks arrives in Washington on a private plane, he will bypass the 6-day pre-immigration test for the coronavirus and will soon be available to the team.

The team’s questions during the 16th week quarterback remain unanswered. Rivera-guaranteed Alex Smith remains a starter, but his recovery from a tense right calf ultimately determines the team’s plans for Sunday. If he can’t go, Dwayne Haskins will make another start — nevertheless hoping the team can finish the playoff push.

“As long as there is hope, I think they feel like this.” Wow, what do you know? I had a chance, and I had a chance, “he said, so we will continue to compete. “I think it helped drive our growth and development.”

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Ron Rivera wants to focus on racing in the NFC East, rather than Panthers revenge or GM speculation. Ron Rivera wants to focus on racing in the NFC East, rather than Panthers revenge or GM speculation.

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