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There’s something special about the fight in New York Rose Namajunas..

“Thug” Rose improved to 3-0 in Empire State and won the split decision. Wayley Chan
UFC 268
She managed to protect her Straw Hat Pirates at a joint main event held at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. Her success at the famous venue began in November 2017. She first caught the 115-pound belt and was upset and won. Joanna Jedrzejczyk At UFC 217, she also defeated Yedjezik in a five-round rematch at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York in April 2018.

“New York City inspires me,” Namajunas said at a post-war press conference on Saturday. “As I said by weighing, it’s the toughest people in the world. It’s the coolest city.”

The rematch with Zhang looked very different from the first meeting in which Namajunas defeated a Chinese opponent with a head kick 78 seconds before the opening stanza of UFC 261. This time the match was much more closely contested, but Namajunas was a permanent stamp of her victory with a takedown of about a minute to Round 5. From there, she spent most of her time in top position, landing the ground and pounds from above. There were still some tense moments when the final scorecard was announced.

“I was pretty confident that I was in the fifth round. The rest of the match came to my mind, but in the fifth round it was a very dominant round and I felt like I had won.” Namajunas said. “I wouldn’t have been able to continue anymore. When they read her name on the scorecard, I said,” Wait, will it be her, then me, and her? ” Said. Judge, you never know what they are trying to see, and it was a close fight. So I was ready for anything. “

Namajunas praised Zhang for his many successes in the highly competitive game. There were more than a few observers who won the first three rounds of the former £ 115 champion.

“I think Weili has improved,” said Namajunas. “Her distance management was really good. I was expecting it. I wasn’t surprised at the improvements she made.”

Namajunas’ 3-0 record in New York is noteworthy, but her victory over Chan moved her to 4-0 in the rematch. This includes a return day victory over Jedjezik. Jessica Andrade When Tesia Torres..Next may be another rematch, but this time
Carla Esparza, Defeated Namajunas in the promotion’s first straw weight title at the “Ultimate Fighter 20” finale in December 2014. Espalza has now won five games in a row and has established itself as a top candidate in the category.

“She was in my head before I got into this,” Namajunas said of Espalza. “It’s kind of like a logical step, but you need to understand what the UFC is guessing. But yeah, I love fighting Carla.”

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Rose Namajunas aims to rematch Carla Esparza after defending the title at UFC 268 Rose Namajunas aims to rematch Carla Esparza after defending the title at UFC 268

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