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New Orleans Pelicans are endangering the future of this core due to the lack of serviceable rotations early in the season.

Recently, it came to my mind that I just couldn’t shake. surely, New Orleans Pelican The season is off to a good start, but their biggest weakness is that they bother me non-stop.

Its weakness is that the pelican lacks a reliable second unit.Entering the season, I wrote it This can be a problem for the teamBut I believed that players like Nicolo Melli and Jaxson Hayes would move forward.

It is now clear that many pelican bench players are not as good as last year. Other than the Josh Hart and JJ Redick combo, no player is still doing great things at both ends of the floor.

Pelicans are not here to write about how to fix this rotation. The truth is that it’s hard to do. Pelican is trapping all the money with five starters, Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Ingram and Steven Adams, all with big deal. As a result, teams have little space for salary caps to make important deals.

What I would like to write is the fact that the David Griffin and New Orleans Pelicans organizations are taking bold risks in building such teams. Why is it such a risk? It’s a simple injury and history.

New Orleans Pelicans endanger starter health by not coping with rotation

Let’s look at it like this. Pelican hired Stan Van Gundy this offseason for competitiveness and victory. Stan Van Gundy is a well-established coach for victory, so of course he will do everything with his power to do that.

In this case, in order for Stan Van Gundy to win, he has to play his best player heavy. That means he’s rolling in a rotation of seven people. His starting lineup with Josh Hart and JJ Redick.

This should scare all Pelican fans, especially considering the Chicago Bulls. The bulls of the early 2010s were very similar to this young and talented pelican team. They also had a head coach who also won Tom Thibodeau. Unfortunately, they had a dull bench. As a result, Tibodo won by playing the starter for a few minutes. Everyone knows how Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah suffered tragic injuries and how it ended.

I don’t want New Orleans Pelicans to go that way, and it strains me that they may seek to win. Last year I already saw Zion Williamson injured and collapsed. Eric Bledsoe has a history. Stan Van Gundy also said he was against resting healthy athletes.

This is dangerous and all fans need to be careful. If this rotation doesn’t work, you can see the best New Orleans Pelican players being smashed in part of the season, but no one wants to see it happen. I think every fan should put pressure on David Griffin, and I hope he does something with all his assets to improve this rotation.

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Rotation problems increase the risk of injury Rotation problems increase the risk of injury

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