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It’s a new road. Wrestlers are certainly athletes, but they rarely get the same perception as more mainstream athletes. This is not the fairest thing in the world. Wrestlers are often athletic freaks who just need a chance to prove themselves. That may soon be true again as a former wrestler is trying a new sport.

According to Fight Full SelectFormer WWE star Lars Sullivan is training to become a boxer. It’s not clear, but this can be either a naked knuckle boxer or a traditional boxer. Sullivan’s career is still in its infancy and he may eventually fight at some point in the future. Sullivan is said to be trying to use his time as a WWE star to dive into the world of boxing.

Sullivan worked for WWE from 2013 to 2021 and mainly appeared in NXT. In late 2018, Black was advertised to move to the main roster, although his debut was postponed due to anxiety issues. Sullivan finally made his debut at SmackDown in April 2019, but was absent for over a year after undergoing knee surgery. While he was away, it was mentioned that before and after Sullivan signed to WWE, he posted homophobic, racist, and sexual comments on bodybuilding forums. Sullivan demanded release from WWE in 2021.

There was a possibility. Check out what Sullivan did at WWE:

Opinion: I don’t know what this will be for Sullivan, but I understand the logic he follows here. Best of all, Sullivan is best known in his time at WWE, and if it can drive him to something else, it could be as good an idea as he has. He has skills that can be used outside of wrestling, so I hope he can find what he wants to do and make it work.

Does Sullivan make it as a boxer? Will he fight again? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Round 2: Former WWE Star Training to Become a Boxer Round 2: Former WWE Star Training to Become a Boxer

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