Rovio Appoints Alexandre Pelletier-Normand as New CEO

Alexandre Pelletier-Normand has been appointed as the new CEO of Rovio Entertainment following the previously announced retirement of Kati Levoranta.

Revolanta has been around for the past four years angry Birds I am a manufacturer as CEO, but I will leave the company at the end of December.

Pelletier-Normand, who now heads Rovio’s video game business as EVP, will join the role on January 1, 2021. He is tasked with helping the company adapt to the changing faces of the video game market while continuing to drive growth.

Prior to joining Rovio, Pelletier-Normand held several important positions at Gameloft and co-founded the investment platform Execution Labs.

“We are pleased to appoint Alexandre as the new CEO. Following our strategy, we have shifted our focus to the gaming business over the last few years. The gaming market has undergone a major transformation and Rovio’s business is ready to respond. We need to develop it for future change. ” Kim Ignatius, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rovio, commented.

“Alexandre has a good track record of leading the Robio gaming business and has a complete understanding of changes in the market and consumer behavior. He is the right person to work closely with other leadership teams to lead the company. I’m sure there is. “

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