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We don’t know when the opening round of the MLB club will be, but Dayton Moore, head of baseball at the Royals, told reporters this week that the opening round is likely to be top-notch. Bobby Witt Juniors have the opportunity to break the camp with the team (Link via The Kansas City Star Pete Grahoff).

“He is very talented and we will give him that opportunity,” Moore said of his organization’s leading candidate. Since Witt does not yet need to be added to the 40-person roster, Moore is free to discuss him, and Witt can interact with club staff and use the club’s facilities.

Most fans are now familiar with Witt Jr., the son of 16-year-old MLB veteran pitcher Bobby Witt. Witt Jr., now 21 years old, ranked second overall in the 2019 draft, is considered one of the top three overall outlooks for the game. He played primarily as minors and shortstops, and was eventually given the opportunity to settle in shorts or hot corners as a long-term option for the Royals.

The 2021 season was Witt’s first year of professional games, thanks to the cancellation of the minor league season in 2020, but the numbers tell us little. Dividing the season into double A (61 games, 279 at bats) and triple A (62 games, 285 at bats), Witt hit 33 home runs, 35 doubles and 4 triples for a total of .290 / .361 / .576. rice field. He stolen base 29 times (40 attempts). The production was not only very limited in professional experience, but also due to the fact that Wit was 3 years younger than the average double A opponent and 5 years younger than the average triple A player. Despite this, it was done.

Even in 2021, it always felt like an extreme long shot, given that Witt hadn’t played on the rookie ball yet, but there was talk that it could be considered a roster spot for the opening round. .. Now, in the dominant season of minors under his belt, Witt seems to have a legitimate chance to make a roster as long as any iterations of spring training work together. ..

The infielders in Kansas City are so crowded that we still don’t know where the wits line up with diamonds. Nicky Lopez He has solidified his position as an elite defender with shortstops of the past season. He doesn’t have a lock to repeat the .300 / .365 / .378 batting line, but the glove needs to keep playing no matter what. Two All-Stars and 2021 Stolen Base Champion Whit Merrifield It can handle either second base or three outfield spots.Super talented but often injured Adalberto Mondesie Whether you’re a shortstop, third base, or right wing, you’ll stay in the playtime mix.Corner infielder / outfielder Hunter Dozier Has entered the second season of a four-year, $ 28 million contract and is about to recover from the dire efforts of 2021.

If the Royals prefer to leave Gold Glove Award finalist Lopez in the position that broke out this past season, a natural move could slide Wit to third base. The organization prepared for this to some extent last year, giving Wit 17 starts (and a total of 18 appearances) in the hot corners throughout the season.

The frequency with which Wit’s caliber is likely (or lacking) to list the opening rounds for each team was an important issue in ongoing labor negotiations. However, Royals generally does not hesitate to promote top prospects out of the gate, rather than keeping minors for weeks early in the season to secure club dominance in the seventh year. .. As recently as the 2020 season, the Royals Brady singer Leaving him somewhere else for a week would delay his path to a free agent after a year of working hours.

None of them have been presented to spur discussions about the benefits of service time practices that are becoming more and more common throughout the league. However, it’s worth noting that Kansas City generally takes the stance of being added to the Major League Baseball roster when the front office feels the player is ready. It’s still unclear if that means a year of service in 2022, as MLB and the Players Association need to discuss how canceled games affect service time and payments.

Aside from that, confirming that Moore is already widely envisioned gives Royals fans an additional reason to get excited about the Big League camp … it may happen at any time. If Wit actually breaks the Royals opener roster and gains a year’s working hours in 2022, he will be able to manage it by arbitration throughout the 2027 season before reaching a free agent prior to the 28-year-old season. Will be.

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Royals Bobby Witt Jr. can make a roster for the first day Royals Bobby Witt Jr. can make a roster for the first day

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