RPG roguelike for the king has a sequel in 2023

IronOak Games announces sequel to the hit 2018 game For the king.. This announcement comes months after the final expansion of the game, which celebrated the arrival of 3 million players. For the king II teeth Coming to Steam in 2023..

of For King II, You and the party of the four heroes are banding together either online, on the LAN, or solo. In contrast to the first iteration that sends you to an adventure of revenge on the murdered king, your new job is to end the reign of the evil queen’s tyrant and defeat the turmoil of the land of Faruru.

Sequel announcement For King II I came by tweet from Tuesday’s Iron Oak Games account. The tweet revealed that the Queen of Faruru was corrupted and turned into evil by the same turmoil you fought. For the king. Customize your character and class with up to 3 friends and explore the latest Fahrul with enhanced graphic fidelity. The hero fights new enemies as the Queen’s Guard abandons the kingdom and siding with the evil queen. You need to arm your character with all the new weapons and implement strategies not seen in the first game.

RPG roguelike For The King is getting a sequel in 2023

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