RPG up successfully with Kickstarter

Well, well, well, what’s here? This is a new fantasy RPG from Kickstarter. Now Is a new lightweight RPG that sees you heading into the deep, dark parts of the world in search of wealth.

From the campaign:

Well is the original tabletop role-playing about exploring the abandoned crypts of your people’s ancestors, calming the undead’s aversion to rising from their wreckage, and escaping with as much loot and as few scars as possible. It’s a game. This is a classic dungeon delver with the sensibilities of a modern RPG, an original lightweight game designed for speed and story integration. This system gives the player uncomplicated options and can scare the character without controlling the character’s fate.

The title refers to a huge empty shaft, 100 meters in diameter, pointing straight down, climbing a black reach up and looping down the inner wall with a hollow spiral staircase. Every one-third turn around the well, a huge double door opens outward towards the tunnel you were currently or previously inhabited. People live in the last city, Bastion, through one set of those doors. As the city empties the stones and soil of its resources and generations of buried dead fill the hall, people move down and open new homes from the rocks. They have done it dozens of times over hundreds of years. On top of them, some evil powers enliven the prestigious dead and turn them into murderous monsters and abominations until they threaten to overwhelm the city.

That’s where the grave digger comes in. It’s your turn. Something sets you apart from others. courage? despair? Your obsession with finding what’s really there, do you think we’ve filled in the past? Whatever it is, every few weeks you gather your gear and your friends and head to the well. You are looking for an unpredatory plot and an unbroken grave, a place that is in danger enough to escape alive and has enough looted goods to pay for it.

Welcome to The Well, a role-playing game where you explore dungeons, find treasures and collect terrible wounds.

The game is more than doubled and has 17 days left.


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