RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 13th

This is a strange old door. At first it is upside down and the flamingo meat is faintly felt. You have a terrifying feeling that it may be a metaphor for something. But that doesn’t really matter. Because it’s just a small cracked door, you just want to hear more of the sick contrabass riffs heard from the inside.

Oh yeah, this door is going to take you to the story from Off-Peak City: Volume 1.

Nate: One of the most disliked ways I describe the media is that people say “something like acid x” or “I want some of the things I smoked when I made this” is. There is a 90% chance that the person means “there was a surreal element” and the experience of the question has to do with the actual pharmacy.

However, Off-Peak City is truly a psychedelic, with a modest experience as a dragman when I was young. It’s not saying it’s a drug game, it means I’m complaining now and the creator Cosmo D was crushed from his chestnuts while making it. .. No: At least in my opinion, this game was able to evoke some of the same profound weirdness and bizarre profoundness, as well as some silosbin mushroom tycoons.

It’s a game of walking around a small part of a very rare city, interacting gently with things, chatting with people, and reaching conclusions. What I’m saying is that nothing special happens with the format. Or a story. To be honest, just 10 months after playing, I had a hard time associating the plot with you, except that jazz music was involved.

However feel Among all of them – the ever-present liquid excellence of the night sky, architecture, and Cosmo D’s own music … Cricky. It’s a masterpiece. Just thinking of the song snatch that plays at the beginning of the game reminds me of the whole bouquet, like a turbo proust I’m ridiculing the whole bottle full of Madeleine.

And that’s where drugs come in. I once spent an amazing 45 minutes on the stairs of Onesworth’s house, staring at spilled rice grains and enthusiastically thinking about the concept of a circus. Probably a very mediocre moment from the outside, to say the least. But from within my mind, I evoked a feeling that was truly sublime and could never be relived or explained to other human beings.

It’s not very serious, but I feel the same with off-peak cities. It is undoubtedly a changed state of consciousness. It’s a certain powerful thing that I can play twice in the time it takes to do the work that isn’t enough to explain it.

And you should. Because it’s a state of consciousness, you can do more neurologically reckless things than booting your PC. So keep going: experience something you’ve never experienced before. You thank me

Tales From Off-A building with a face in the screenshot of Peak City.

Alice0: Now I have never made mushrooms in the Midlands field, but I spent a lot of time in bed. So to me, Cosmo D games capture a kind of dream logic. It may seem strange out of context, but it makes perfect sense where it is. He takes us to a place of dazzling and exciting music. The world swallows you, and what a world!

Nate is a newcomer, but I’m still a fan of Cosmo D games. I love their bold looks, ominous atmosphere, and cracking music. I am very happy to discover strange things and secrets while exploring. But what I’m back with is the humanity at the heart of his game. The daily struggle of crushed people, surrounded by cruel and selfish powers beyond our control. How music, creativity and art can lift us. The joy of being completely self-sufficient. Risk of both indifference and attachment. I’m fine to eat pizza.

In a game that includes chocolate and synthetic brains as a pizza topping, it’s not correct that I’m spitting hot discs right now.

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The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 13th

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