RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 14th

What’s behind door number 14? It gives off a slightly new, vibrant and optimistic atmosphere. There was a lot of very big karaoke somewhere behind it, and it sounded like someone was attacked by a crayfish.

Yakuza: Like a dragon!

Ed: This year, I spent most of my time with my beloved Kazuma Kiryu, playing Yakuza 3, 4, 5, 6 (probably 3 last year, but time lost all meaning) and the original series. I finished it. Goodbye to tears, Yakuza: I was worried that Kasuga Ichiban, the new hero of the dragon, couldn’t surpass him. I’m completely obsessed with the guy now, so I found out I was wrong. Probably worried.

The first represents the yakuza: like the new direction of the dragon, I think. Previous games were a combination of fighting games and action-adventure, stepping into the realm of RPGs, but never committing completely. As a result, someone had to push them out of the edge. The first with constant enthusiasm has an aggressive edge spear yakuza in the direction of a whole new JRPG.

Yakuza: LAD can capture the messy street brawls of past entries as a strategic and flashy turn-based battle far from the exaggerated JRPG. The plot is a compelling story of betrayal, full of hilarious side missions to escort a foam-covered man to a clothing store or chase a very important crayfish. You may laugh, cry, or be amazed by the beauty of Yokohama.

Yakuza: LAD is the most expressive and lively yakuza in the lot, and the driving force is the number one. He has a heart on his sleeve, so I’m surprised that blood doesn’t drip from the cufflinks. He has reckless energy. He doesn’t hesitate to rush into a criminal organization in Yokohama at first glance or help people who are simply struggling to get through. It sometimes annoys him, but he still makes mistakes and it is his willingness to learn from them. I love Kiryu, but the most humane.

What I like most about yakuza is that LAD isn’t the only one seeking answers. He has a band of Misfits, each with their own story. It’s great to have a great bond with them over a drink or to catch a piece of interesting conversation as you roam the streets. In addition, they are quite handy in battle.

God, and I love all the different jobs in the LAD class that you can assign to party members. You can breakdance a dancer who damages by playing sweet movements or a hostess who damages by playing a bottle on a person’s face. Of course, you can also equip ridiculous weapons such as giant vibrators, popsicles, electrified batons, and very long solid sausages.

I can continue, but I’m worried that it won’t stop. Now it’s time for my shite elevator pitch:

You may be at home with your cyberpunk and your AC: Valhallas. But think first. He is cold and alone. Even during Christmas? Why and why dare? Need a fun and heart-filled JRPG where monkeys can manage your many businesses? Add Yakuza: LAD to your cart.

Corum: It’s wild that everything started with April Fool’s jokes. Unlike Ed, it was okay to replace Kazuma Kiryu, the mainstay of the series, but the idea of ​​slowing down the action to cope with the long stretched battle was ridiculous. First-class 1/4/19 mischief, Ryu ga Hong Studio …

After that, RGG Studio was announced was Discard button bashing in favor of JRPG-style turn-based bust-up. “Oh,” Corum said. A year and a half ago, “I started shooting!”

What a fool in front of me.

Yakuza: Like a dragon, it enables a much more measured approach while preserving the urgency seen in the old battles of the series. Being able to do additional damage by quickly jumping to a fallen enemy or taking care of its small windows to block the bad guys’ attacks is a big section just waiting in battle. Means that there is no. On top of that, you can take care of your time and attention to a long list of humorous abilities that your party is free to use. And in the Yakuza: LAD atypical class, discovering what unlocked abilities look like in-game is always an absolute pleasure.

A less obvious change is the change in the developer’s approach to storytelling. Yeah, a ridiculously long and surprisingly melodramatic cutscene is still here, but it’s not a series about another moody but adorable, well-dressed man. It’s about a group of friends who help each other no matter what. I’m not saying it’s a groundbreaking premise, but when you have characters like the ironic Minamiha, the dull Saeko, the sneaky Adachi, and the seemingly optimistic Kasuga, you’re crazy about this twisted and winding story. It’s hard not to be. All of them are brilliantly lively with an English voice cast that does not include Michael Madsen.

Most of the new mini-games are ok, not brilliant, and there’s a crush in the second half of the game where everything stops for nearly 10 hours, so Yakuza: A yakuza that may not be the definitive version of this type like a dragon. But it’s an exceptional way to start a new era.

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The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 14th

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