RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 15th

The 15th door of the calendar Unbelievably It’s stylish and you can listen to great songs on the other side. However, it seems that blood is seeping out from the other side as well. Oh dear…

It’s a paradise killer!

James: Paradise killer is a real diamond. As soon as you press the title screen, you’ll know if the mood suits you. Its steam wave / city pop and synth sounds ooze out of the blue and pink screens. As a detective Lady Love Dice, you are engaged in an investigation into Paradise Island. Well, Island 24, to be exact, everything before is wrong, completely broken and broken. Oops. The council was murdered, and you, the investigative freak, must, well, return from exile to the island to investigate.

All the characters you meet, mostly immortal beings and syndicate members, have their own motives and behind-the-scenes digging, and the island is a fun pleasure to cross. Going around, meeting everyone, and learning more about the history of Lady Love Dies, and the history and tactics of syndicates and paradise, made me crazy from off. At first you may not care too much about who killed the council, but soon you will want to learn all about these great design characters. Some people gain trust, others are suspicious. It’s up to you to find all the evidence hidden around this strange island, and every moment was a pleasure to me.

This is not a little thanks to the original soundtrack of Barry’Epoch’topping. Video game music is often a maliciously underrated art, but Paradise Killer’s tracks lure you into the island, pulling it with your fingertips until you plunge straight into Paradise, and your head flutters. Search every corner without noticing.

The game doesn’t hold your hand either. It’s probably my favorite about Paradise Killer. It’s not as cruel laissez-faire as Return Of The Obra Dinn, but you really need to listen to what people are saying and make sure you know them. After all, you are a person who serves justice. You have to find … Paradise Killer.

Alice Bee: I’m currently reading Raymond Chandler’s book and Paradise Killer attacks me as if people had the same mood as when they joked Philip Marlowe-“The dam that entered my office is the ceiling I had my legs all the time. “But it also somehow infinite style, blood sacrifice, if the clothes tear to the waist or navel No other options, Perceptual drink machine and endless neon sunset.

Your first premise is a strange murder mystery, but Paradise Killer also incorporates a fairly novel critique of oppressive social structure. Syndicates are a handful of self-appointed elites who are accustomed to kidnapping and enslaving ordinary humans, and ritually sacrificing them all at once whenever they need to move to a new island. Keep yourself the way you’ve been. It is clearly how all fair societies should be run.

But it’s hard to really tell how gorgeous and surreal all the designs of these elites are. Imagine, for example, that a commissioner or someone came in and bored the old Morse out of Morse, like “There was a murder!”. But then, “and now it’s time to interview the red skeleton we’re talking about, a hot woman with a goat’s head exchanging gossip for crystals, and a young man possessed by the devil to try to understand the truth. After all, it’s surprisingly difficult to reveal the truth, but it’s probably the most interesting and fascinating detective game for years (and arguably since Obra Dinn).

Philip Marlowe probably doesn’t like the paradise killer at all, or has written everything that he doesn’t think can solve the genocide at its core, because Marlowe is basically a dislike, so he I think I hate something, as a recommendation anyway.

Screenshots of the introduction sequence of Doctor Doom Jazz in Paradise Killer.

Catherine: I love the Paradise Killer name and no matter who says it, Doctor Doom Jazz is my favorite. It’s a name that can’t be said straight away elsewhere, but it didn’t work at a paradise killer blood and sunlit seaside resort. Works, And I love it.

But Paradise Killer is more than just a cast of exaggerated characters. That setting and the suspect’s clutch is definitely what you call “there”, but there’s a delicious knotty murder mystery that sits at the heart of this open-world game, and it’s a real coker. As Aliceby mentioned above, finding the truth, the real truth, is very difficult. I chose the island cleanly, but I still felt like I just stumbled upon important evidence by chance. I could have easily missed it. But the goodness is a twist.

Sure, I thought I understood it more or less, but the game kept guessing me right until the end you had a semi-phoenix light style proceeding to present your findings. .. It’s reasonably thrilling to see my thoughts and theories crystallize when the suspect falls like a domino, which is probably one of the best endings of a game I’ve played all year round. .. It’s just as fascinating to hear what other members of the RPS Treehouse have come to in their findings. I remember many of the “sock incidents” at Obra Dinn when I was discussing how I used very nifty (and very literal) footwork to identify the different crew members. Let me do it. This is one thing. I like good mystery games the best. There is no “right” way to understand some of that deep mystery, and the way we get there is as fun as actually solving it.

And WOOF, did I mention the soundtrack? You should listen to the soundtrack.

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The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 15th

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