RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 22

Make sure the camera has new batteries before passing through door 22 of the RPS Advent Calendar. And do you have all your lenses? And are you sure the mecha battle is over? Well, let’s go.

Umrangi Generation!

Alice0: Umurangi Generation is really a first person hidden object game. Your mission: Go to these places, find these things and take pictures of them. You will have to find the right position and photo tricks to put them together and be creative for some objects. It’s mostly fun. I like to find things, and I definitely like playing with the camera in first person photos. It’s also a nice thick camera. Oh, and the place we’re filming is a Jet Set Radio-style futuristic city occupied by UN forces and Evangelion troops in a world threatened by a nuclear attack.

It’s the hell of the place. Colorful, exciting, often dark and totally apocalyptic. Indeed, the entire block may be trapped in a vast emergency barricade while the UN cleanup crew is dealing with the amputated hands of the mecha that appear to have been lost in combat, but at the corner. At the turn, the kids are holding a street party. There is a strange energy in life leading up to the apocalypse. And in the game, wahey. The future may not happen, but children are still fighting for their ideals and living now. Umurangi’s DLC, dubbed Macro, makes you feel familiar with the hardships of tear gas street protests today, but you can also visit the Eva hangar. I really like fragments of everyday life against the backdrop of disasters that shake the world.

By the way, a great soundtrack. It’s just nice. The game is confident in its striking look and sound.

Umrangi Generation encourages us to be playful and creative in photography. Lens options and filters are fun to play with and offer a great range for creating interesting images. it’s beautiful. Object hunts can be tricky. From time to time, it’s not clear why I’m not achieving my goals with photos that I think really work. Combining this with a timer (used only for bonus goals) means that you can be busy scrutinizing the target environment and miss the big picture on your first visit. a shame.

However, finding everything does not end the game. I certainly revisited the level, embraced more worlds, found details I missed, and took better pictures.

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The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 22nd

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