RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 3rd

The RPS Advent Calendar will paddle on. What are you waiting for behind the third door? Repeat the scan to find it.

Watch out for the alien jellyfish there. It’s in the other sea!

Alice Bee: I like the bath, and whenever I do, I can always pierce my ears under the water at least once and hear strange things Insistent And a rubbing and rumbling sound for the way everything sounds a little wrong underwater to aliens. And often people compare the very deep depths of our own oceans to what seems to be an alien planet. I can’t imagine how strange everything sounds and looks, actually in the alien ocean.

As an exception, I can now do it for other waters.

It’s an interesting pitch, but even more interesting, to say, “You’re playing as a Xenobiologist and exploring the creatures and plants that inhabit different parts of the distant ocean planets.” In other waters, I play as an advanced diving suit for Xenobiologists. You don’t see anything in the water around you by itself.

Scan them and get basic visual feedback through the suit UI. So the exotic plant forest is a point on the topographic map around you.The creatures in it moving Dot. Some dots move larger than others or move in slightly different ways.

You can only move between settings, which is far more restrictive than you are used to playing most games. You’re an AI, but you have some autonomy, but the scope of that autonomy is quite limited. It’s like playing as a supporting character, and at the same time very refreshing and strangely released.

By scanning the strange whiskey doodad around you, your fellow Xenobiologist Ellery gradually gathers the information conveyed to you through clear, nice, and descriptive text. You can take samples of different spore times and take them back to your research vessel to discover different abilities. Then you can pack some together, such as packing a science lunch box, to open up new paths and areas.

Also, can you say how much you like the color of the interface changing as you dive deeper into the reef? Proper magic, that.

As you become more explorable, you will encounter different biomes. There is a pool of heavy acids, around which extremophiles inhabit. If you want to get information about them, you have to risk a bit of frenzy. Science is a sacrifice!

But the magical point for me is that once enough information has been gathered, Ellery will update the file to include a nice scientific drawing of the seed in question. I’m still not sure exactly what they look like, but the drawings themselves are very special.

And at the same time you’re doing good science, you and Ellery, fortunately, reveal a decade-old plot that has already happened and been resolved. The morals are: In the end, everything will probably be fine. This is very comfortable now.

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The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 3rd

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