RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 7th

Sometimes you open the door to get a great surprise. Sometimes you open the door to find something really scary. Which is the 7th day of the RPS Advent Calendar?

I have a ghost phobia!

Imogen: I love horror games. I’m crazy about horror games. I’m a companion who proposes to play them and immediately give you a controller and refuse to get it back. But you can’t do this with Phasmophobia. This is because it’s a multiplayer ghost hunting sim, where everyone doesn’t have to be present and behave like a giant baby to get the job done.

Like most people, I and my peers were attracted to Phasmo because all YouTubers and streamers were obsessed with Phasmo. It’s like seeing a player at the top and screaming, and I think “I wouldn’t react that way.” I’m not so scared. Then we arrive at our first home, hear one creepy sound, and return to the van. “I need someone to keep an eye on things in the van. I don’t think everyone needs to be at home.”

I’m playing a lot right now, so I suggest you have a lot less dedicated van watchers (I shouldn’t have written this as I guarantee my friends will take a screenshot of this and call me) ). Sounds strange, but I think Phasmophobia has reduced the absolute sissy in horror games. I don’t want to disappoint them when my buddies are picking up all their tools to go investigating, so I always join in to systematically check all rooms and evidence. When a ghost is hunting, I crouch quietly in the corner where it’s waiting (and expecting) to pass, rather than high-tailing to the nearest exit.

Haunting is not surprisingly clever. It’s buggy and doesn’t look good, but I liked the way it made me feel (brave!) And playing horror games wasn’t that much fun.

Alice0: I don’t understand why the ghosts of Fasmophobia behave like them. That is wonderful. Why are some ghosts hiding for years and giving some hints to their identity? Why are some people willing to show off their ghost tricks just by wearing a hat? Why do some murderous spirits have endless patience against ghost hunters who make them clowns and curse them? Why do you like a particular room? Why do talkative ghosts say what they do? How Much Voice Chat Can Ghosts Really Understand? And how upset are our screams? I do not know. The tightly written and creepy stuff in other horror games is fun, but Phasmophobia’s mysterious, unpredictable, and sometimes frustrating ghosts are perfect for this premise.

Most ghost phobia identifies ghosts from their behavior, observes how ghosts interact with us, and uses a variety of tools to reveal the physical traces that ghosts leave in the world. Is to discover. It’s a fun challenge, a careful balance of guiding them into the manifest without doing stupid things or being killed. But it’s not that interesting if you can understand how they work. They are simple puzzles, systems that you can model in your head. Fasmophobia ghosts behave strangely, so even veteran hunters can be amazed by doing something weird. That’s what I want from a supernatural spirit. I don’t know how much AI habits are intentional, but I hope I never know. Leave these eerie mysteries to me.

And it’s a great idea to get the player to talk to the ghosts using a real microphone.

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The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 7th

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