RPS Advent Calendar 2021, December 4th

Notice the fourth door on the Advent calendar. But don’t blink. Or, blink it if necessary.

You guessed it: Our fourth game is a flashy adventure In front of you!!

Ed: It’s hard to write about in front of you. Personally, I think it’s easier to just cry a little. That way, it won’t ruin the story for everyone, and warns the people around you about the devastating emotional consequences it can have on others. But this game is magic, so I’ll do my best. Seriously, you blink in real life and the game reacts. Wow.

Before Your Eyes is the first-person journey of the afterlife. You begin to board a nasty wolf rowing boat that turns out to be a mythical ferryman in this mysterious underground world. When you connect the game to your webcam (mouse clicks work, but if you don’t need them), you can speed up the time with the actual blinking. With just a few snaps, the rowing boat disappears and you are taken to a completely different territory.

You cannot advance the time at any point in the game. Only at certain points where blinking makes things go. Still, the game chooses them wisely. In some cases, you may need to make some decisions along the way …

And I can’t reveal too much information. It would be cruel to me to ruin the story, as even a few fragments can unravel the whole experience for you. It’s a game where you want to get closer to what you can’t see, but it’s ironic.

Please be aware that this game will not waste your time. In fact, I want to freeze time there and stick to the present, so there are many moments of desperate fighting with the next blink. The longer … just … hold … the longer you hold, the longer you spend collecting more information or simply immersing yourself in the moment.Sometimes you can’t help blinking Pouf!, Whether you like it or not, go ahead. It’s a well-executed story as well as a self-management practice, but it’s not frustrating. If anything, I like how the use of automatic body reactions captures memory recall very faithfully.

Before Your Eyes isn’t one of the best games of 2021 because it combines a tearful story with a cool webcam gimmick. It’s also special because it fills you with this urge to tell people about it. Even those who don’t care about video games, or who think of video games as a lazy vessel of violence. As a fan, I have some pride. You can play the game with all your heart to those who are a little on the fence and see their point of view change as the lock screen floods with excited messages.

This is all about Before Your Eyes. An emotional roller coaster made for virtually everyone, whether they are interested in games or not. Also, the length is about one and a half hours, so you can do it with one seat. This makes it a great stocking filler and a perfect ad for video games after the figgy pudding is eaten. Take out your laptop, watch the confused family’s mood change from cheerful to tears, and declare, “That’s the power of video games!” Like the festive Geff Kaley. What is a better way to have a very Merry Christmas?

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