RPS RSS feed has evolved

Good news, RSS reader. Reading RPS articles will be much easier. In addition to the main feed, you can now customize your RSS feed by subscribing to individual channels to get exactly the kind of articles you need with a great single dose of RPS. Read below to see how it works.

Technically, this is New arrival It’s such a development, but I’ve never elaborated on it on the site before. Instead, it is up to a few stubborn readers to convey this useful RPS knowledge over the past few months, either through comments or RPS. discord, You have our timeless gratitude. Fortunately, we’re codifying it now, so anyone can take part in the goodness of RSS.In addition to posting about it here, you hopefully noticed something new RSS link It also appears in the top navigation bar. This makes this advice forever immortal.

As mentioned above, all posts we write will be delivered to the RSS reader of your choice by subscribing to us. Main feedHowever, if, for example, you want to get news and reviews instead of being completely exhaustive, you can use the individual RSS links below to tailor your RSS feed to your liking.

Customizable RSS feeds Recent reader survey I did it with a customizable homepage. We’re still investigating the feasibility of the latter, but in the meantime, we hope that these customizable RSS feeds will help make the RPS reading experience even more enjoyable in the future.

This is partly because one of the other most requested in the survey was to return to the latest page as the default RPS home page. Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say that it won’t happen.As me Explain to supporters Last week, when we redesigned the site in early January, great care was taken to create a new home page. I think it’s showing the best of what’s happening in RPS better than ever. ..

As Graham Said at that time, Our guideline at the time of redesign was “to make it easier for you to find the work you want from us”, and the new homepage will do this in spades. Its top spotlights are curated manually by myself, Alice Bee and Alice 0, and us, everyone pasting the latest and greatest features, news and reviews there to reach the good as soon as possible. We take great pride in being able to do it. If you miss the latest format It’s still here.. Bookmark it instead. That’s why we kept it.

Of course, I will keep you up to date on how I proceed with the development of other homepages and when I get them. Our technical team is working hard to move our Eurogamer buddies to the same systems as us, VG247 and Dicebreaker, so major changes may not be made until sometime next year, We’ll let you know here (in the news RSS feed) as soon as something is confirmed. In the meantime, enjoy the new RSS experience.

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