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New Delhi: COVID-19 vaccination platform Co-WIN was reused as a platform for universal immunity, blood donation, and later used for organ donation. CoWIN National Health Department Chief Executive Officer, Ph.D. RS Sharma on tuesday.

“CoWin is now being diverted to a universal immunity, blood donation, and perhaps organ donation platform a little later, so I think we’ll work slowly to ensure these things, but technology is just You need to understand that you are an enabler. Ultimately, legal systems, ecosystems, and other types of systems. You have to work within these systems. “

Regarding other countries’ interests in using the CoWin app, Sharma, chairman of the Empowered Group of Vaccine Administration (EGVAC), said, “Last year we hosted the Digital CoWin Global Conclave. I think more than 140 countries participated. And after the conclave, many countries began to discuss it with us. “

Sharma also said that Guyana, India has signed a memorandum of understanding, is ready to use the CoWin platform for its vaccination program.

Regarding India’s Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), he said, “We have certified about 71 billion in nine years. Similarly, the payment infrastructure we created was extensive. Last month, 60. A transaction of 100 million rupees has been made. Similarly, on top of the digital locker Aadhaar, there are multiple products such as electronic consent electronic signatures and electronic KYC. These things are happening recently in August last year. , Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the e-Rupi. It’s basically a prepaid voucher provided for the purpose. “

However, Sharma said adopting DPI by ecosystem partners is a bit difficult.

“Ecosystem partners are a bit difficult to adopt DPI and take a long time to get started, but I think it’s also due to several other factors, such as software and system development. That could be one of the reasons. There is sex, but adoption is usually a challenge, for example. Digital health Mission or Ayushman Barrat Digital Health Mission ” NHA The CEO has been added.

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