Rumor: Mass Effect N7 Day Panel Announces Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

A The Mass Effect N7 Day panel was held this weekend, with the possibility of announcing the previously widely rumored Mass Effect Trilogy, which sparked excitement among Mass Effect fans.

Rumor: Mass Effect N7 Day Panel Announces Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

Weekends celebrated with Mass Effect N7 Day panel Saturday, November 7th, 11am PST With the voice actor who played the character of the Mass Effect crew. These include cast Mark Meer (male Shep), Steve Bloom (Grant), Kimberly Brooks (Ashley Williams), Raphael Sbarge (Kaidan Allenko), Courtenay Taylor (Jack), and Alix Wilton. Includes Regan (Samantha Trainer), William Sallyers (Mordin Solus)), DC Douglas (Legion), Ali Hillis (Liara T’Soni), and BioWare developers Karin Weekes and Patrick Weekes.

However, this announcement cannot be realized without speculation. Previously, many rumors pointed the direction of Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster.

For those who missed it, The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition, announced in July, will be available in February 2021. This is fully associated with the remastered release, but the news was officially announced after the announcement.

Then, in September, Portuguese retailer Gaming Reply had a placeholder for box art, which featured box art for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. However, these were soon removed and the logo was based on the Xbox 360’s past trilogy.

BioWare’s Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster hasn’t got the official word yet, but fans should check out this weekend’s panel.

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