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Guessing the rumors surrounding professional wrestling is a favorite pastime for many fans, and is probably second only to actually watching the game. In this daily column, we’ll take a look at the latest rumors from the professional wrestling rumor factory.

An important reminder: the rumor is exactly that — the rumor. This has not been confirmed as a fact, it only circulates around the wrestling rumor factory.We track the accuracy of rumors with a weekly feature called Rumor Lookback that you can find here.. Remember, take it all with a grain of salt.

Rumors of the day:

  • Matt Men’s Andrew Zarian Rock said more than this Appear in Survivor Series 2021.. In addition, “people in the know” categorically insist that Roman Reigns vs. The Rock should be done. Not done so Wrestlemania 38 Must be booked in Dallas so Wrestlemania 39 In Los Angeles. That’s where we’re currently focusing on WWE.
  • Zarian said there are several reasons why WWE release In addition to Bray Wyatt Financial aspect Quoted by the company. “Bray was difficult,” Zarian said, “there was a problem with ring performance,” and “there was a problem with weight.”
  • according to Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Melzer, WWE “doesn’t just recognize” what they have problem So many Wrestler over 40 It is on the main list. One of the reasons NXT has It changed a lot WWE hasn’t denied the need to have a wrestler in his twenties. Living When smack down..
  • Fight full WWE mentioned cancel A pay-per-view (PPV) event in December over a month ago. NS Initial plan The December event may have been too close on the calendar first day Nick Khan happened to be “leading” PPV.
  • I heard the reason for Cameron Grimes It has not been He was called on the main list because Vince McMahon wanted to change “the expression of his character.”

If you hear any interesting rumors you would like to add, please post them in the comments section below. Remember that it is a rumor and has not been confirmed as a fact.And check out the weekly rumors review here To track how often rumors turn out to be correct.

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Rumor Summary: Rock Revival, Wyatt Release, WWE Old, More! Rumor Summary: Rock Revival, Wyatt Release, WWE Old, More!

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