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During October Mercedes Lay out an ambiguous roadmap detailing what it will look like Expanded Maybach, G-Class and AMG brands.. The focus was on electrification, It suggests that the company’s AMG expansion could lead to a new dedicated model, the AMG SUV. Rumors of such a car are not new.But the last thing I heard about the dedicated AMG SUV is over Two years ago when the company said it wouldn’t develop such a vehicle..

But things change over time. According to a new report, German car makers are developing a new SUV specifically for AMG, AMG GT 4-door coupe, Eventually replace it in the AMG lineup. The company reportedly has no plans to replace the AMG sedan. However, the new SUV will not be a top-notch, Mercedes has placed a new model between GLE and GLS, with SUV readings shorter than the 4-door coupe.

The need for high-power SUVs comes from competitors in car manufacturers. Porsche has paved the way for high-performance luxury SUVs. BMW follows the company’s M brand products. New X8 and X8 MSUV already under development.. As consumers continue to flock to larger cars, it makes sense for AMG to want to reach out to the market. The SUV features a unique design that cannot be shared with other Mercedes SUV lineups. We don’t expect AMG to reveal the SUV sometime in 2023, but it won’t be soon. There are few powertrain details, but the AMG badge should provide enough certainty for the model to pack enough power internally. AMG is likely to label the model with an E-performance by adding some form of hybridization to improve the power and efficiency of the four-seater SUV.

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Rumored AMG-only SUV gets unofficial rendering Rumored AMG-only SUV gets unofficial rendering

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