Rumors: Pokemon Diamond Pearl remake revealed next month’s Switch

It will be 25 years since the original Pokemon Game Boy title was released on February 27th next month.

This is also in line with “Pokemon Day”, and there is a possibility that a special presentation will be given as usual. So what can trainers around the world expect from a big announcement?

Spanish fan site Centro Pokémon says sources close to the project have confirmed a remake of the DS title Pokemon Diamond Pearl It is under development and will be released next month. Here’s a rough translation courtesy of Google:

“The Pokemon Center can confirm that a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, released for the Nintendo DS in 2006, is under development for the Nintendo Switch, according to sources close to the company.”

Apparently these new versions Do not It will be like the Pokemon: Let’s Go game released on Nintendo Switch in 2018, and will be similar in style to the original DS release from 2006.

Pokemon Insider Keolis -Also a webmaster of Pokekaros-supports these latest claims. A few days ago, they also mentioned how Pokemon Direct will take place next month.

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