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Herve Poncharal, the boss of the Tech3 MotoGP team, admits he was “a little angry” when rumors emerged that Andrea Dovizioso replaced Iker Lecuona during the 2020 season.

Lecuona was drafted to take up Brad Binder’s location at Tech3 when KTM chose to move South Africa to the factory team on behalf of Johann Zarco in 2020.

He just made his Moto2 debut in 2016 at the age of 16 after admitting to autosport that his move to MotoGP was probably “too early”, and 20-year-old Lekuona had three in his first premier class season until the 20th. In the championship that managed the top 10.

Very inexperienced compared to rookie contemporaneous binder and Alex Marquez (who started the 145 and 135 Grand Prix before 2020 compared to Lekuona’s 56)-KTM to Moto2 in mid-season Rumors have surfaced that he may return and take over Ducati star Dovizioso.

Dovizioso and KTM talked about the 2021 ride in the preseason, but those talks Nothing happened..

Poncharal told Autosport about Lekuona’s future features and said he was angry that KTM had to repeatedly ask questions about Lekuona’s future, even though he had confirmed his 2021 ranking in the preseason. ..

“The good thing about Iker is that he trusts the team and he trusts me very much,” said Poncharal.

“And I told him:’Iker, it doesn’t matter what you hear, all the bullshit you hear and read doesn’t matter.

“Talk to yourself about your job, and I’m telling you, you will be my rider in 2020 and you will be my rider in ’21, 100%. , Don’t pay too much attention to this. “

“Some journalists think they are a little too. [like] Superstar kept asking [about Dovizioso replacing Lecuona], And I was a little angry at some point because it doesn’t matter how many times you say [it’s not happening], You sometimes feel that there is a higher power or a higher person behind me telling me to change [my line-up].. “

Dovizioso participated in Tech3 during the Yamaha era in 2012 and won six podiums. Poncharal confessed that he “very respects” the Italians.

However, the French argue that returning Lecuona to Moto2 in 2021 in favor of Dovizioso was by no means an option.

“Andrea talked to KTM during the winter, but they couldn’t find an agreement,” he adds.

“But in August they [the media] Come to me and tell everyone and journalists, it’s a lack of respect [these rumours]..

“We have a contract with Iker, why should I tell him to go back to Moto2? The rider is not the toilet paper you have to throw away.

“We took him out of Moto2. We took a big risk because it was easier to stay in Moto2 for another year to win the race, win the championship and then move on to MotoGP.

“So he followed us, trusted us, and a year after he began to show his potential, we told him to go back to Moto2.

“It would never happen to me, and it never happened, so I’m not happy that it didn’t happen.

“Only the superstar media, who knows better than anyone else, had a plan and thought it would be more exciting.”

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Rumors that Dovizioso has replaced Lecuona in MotoGP 2021 “Angry” Tech3 | MotoGP News Rumors that Dovizioso has replaced Lecuona in MotoGP 2021 “Angry” Tech3 | MotoGP News

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