Rumors: The latest switch firmware update clearly added Bluetooth audio support

The recent 12.0.0 firmware update for Nintendo Switch may not seem like it’s based on official patch notes, but according to Dataminer, its backend has much more exciting information.

Following yesterday’s discovery, it suggests that a “new” switch dock may be approaching, and it seems that this latest update has added audio support to the system’s Bluetooth driver. I will.

This information was shared again by the famous Nintendo data miner. OatmealDome:

As OatmealDome further points out, Bluetooth audio is a “very requested feature” of the Nintendo Switch, and as Bluetooth headphones are becoming more and more popular, many players have specific wireless headsets. I am confident that I appreciate being able to connect to the system.

Over the years, many third-party companies have released dongles that connect directly to the switch to address the lack of support for wireless headsets.

So what do you think? Does this sound untrue, or do you think Nintendo may finally make Bluetooth audio devices compatible with the Switch? Share your thoughts below.

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