Rumors: Ubisoft Plus games on the Xbox Game Pass

Although it may not be as noticeable as other gaming subscription services, Ubisoft + offers considerable value. It’s actually similar to EA Play, giving players access to numerous Ubisoft games and other bonuses at a relatively low price. There are new rumors that Ubisoft may introduce Ubisoft + services to the Xbox Game Pass, as the EA did with EA Play. If this were true, it would boost Microsoft’s services even more.

This rumor was reported by PureXbox and appears to have originated from the Xbox Worlds site. Fans should capture this information in large amounts of salt, as there is no evidence to support these claims. There was no official announcement and the rumor may have been completely forged. That said, it makes sense that this will happen in the end, as Xbox is actively working on adding services to the Xbox Game Pass package.

Microsoft’s main strategy for moving to the next generation revolves entirely around the Game Pass service. The Xbox Game Pass provides subscribers with instant access to over 100 games, not to mention first-day access to new first-party Xbox games, making it a must-have for all Xbox console owners. I have been working on. However, in order for people to continue to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox needs to keep the pot sweet, and adding lots of Ubisoft games at once can help a lot in achieving that goal.

That’s exactly what Xbox did with EA Play, and last month it integrated EA’s subscription service into the Xbox Game Pass. Currently, Xbox owners only need to have one subscription service to access most of the EA’s game library, as well as all the games available through the Game Pass. This includes everything from big sports titles to Star Wars games to the original Xbox and Xbox 360 EA games.

If Microsoft makes a transaction similar to Ubisoft, it should be imagined that it will include most of what is currently included in Ubisoft +. This means immediate access to the acclaimed Ubisoft games, further significantly increasing the value of your Xbox Game Pass.

Again, it’s possible that Microsoft is happy with the current service of the Xbox Game Pass and is just looking to add its own games to the service to add value instead. In 2021, Microsoft will be significantly added to the Xbox Game Pass headed by Halo Infinite. So whether or not these Ubisoft rumors are true, it should definitely be a big year for subscription services.

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