Rune Factory 4 Special is now available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

It’s quite likely that you’ve played Rune Factory 4 before. This is because it has been used in 3DS and switches for years. The same game will appear on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, but all in Rune Factory 4 Special Form.

Rune Factory 4 Specials are now available for purchase and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, and PC to lead the best life ever and improve new glossy visuals and tow performance. bottom.

Priced from the Xbox store for £ 24.99 (which will pay about the same amount as any other storefront), it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the acclaimed farming, life simulation and RPG adventures in a whole new way.

With “Another Episode” included in the regular base game and full audio support in English and Japanese, it doesn’t really matter if you’ve played Rune Factory 4 before. This special option is certainly fascinating.

I’m not sure if I need to sit here and explain everything about how this works. If you’ve read this article, you probably already know it, but it’s highly recommended that you check out our article. Review of Rune Factory 4 Special and how to play it on Xbox Series X | S. We don’t like to ruin things, Big 5/5 in reviews This means it’s more than worth it.

If you decide that the purchase is for you, you will discover all the key features at hand:

  • World of Possibilities-Grow crops, grow monsters, catch fish, cook delicious food and make powerful equipment. Live your life the way you choose!
  • Adventure awaits – step outside the gates and explore dangerous dungeons. Personalize your combat tactics as terrifying monsters await you in trapped dungeons with swords, spears, wands and other weapons and magic. Invite the townspeople, foster friendships with monsters, and become stronger together.
  • Expand your social circle – Make friends (or more) with a cast of engaging, interactive characters and bring the city to life with seasonal festivals and contests.
  • Live happily forever – Play a special story with your spouse in Newlywed Mode and fall in love with your favorites again! It also includes 13 full-voice “Another Episode” bonus stories narrated by marriage candidates (and Ventuswill).
  • More content than ever – If you’re an enthusiastic fan of Rune Factory 4, try new difficulty modes and then relax and enjoy new in-game cutscenes and updated opening sequences.

So are you ready to embark on an additional 100 hours of adventure with Rune Factory 4 Special?Head to Xbox store Pick up your game on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S. It’s also on your PC via the Windows Store and PlayStation.

Game description:

Welcome to Selphia, a region dominated by the native dragon Ventus Will … and you! After falling from the sky and landing on the back of a friendly dragon, a young hero or heroine is invited to live in a local castle, develop the town as a newly designated ruler, explore nearby dungeons, and Plow the soil. Start an exciting new life and embark on an epic adventure with this beloved entry in the Rune Factory series!

Rune Factory 4 Special is now available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

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