RuneScape – A year of war reaches its epic climax

war RuneScapeGielinor’s world today Tzek Haar frontThe final epic battlefront of the year-long Elder God Wars Story Arc in a living game, giving players the most challenging bosses and powerful rewards ever.

TzekHaar Front sees PC and mobile players crossing their arms to fight TzekHaar, a powerful army of Elder God Furus. This is a new race of deadly and menacing creatures. Those who win these minions will face General TzKal-Zuk, the ultimate Elder God Wars combat test so far. Pure combat challenges are fought in multiple waves and have adjustable difficulty that allows anyone who wants additional challenges for a better drop.

Defeating full power unlocks RuneScape’s best slot cape. Tier 95 TzKal-Zuk 2H sword. New magical abilities; boss pets and skin; and full god books. In addition, there are lucrative drops from creatures before entering the battle arena.

The Elder God Wars battlefront began in July and was well received and popular by the RuneScape community. There was also an impressive massacre in which more than 27 million bosses were killed. The previous three battlefronts feature Nodon Front with a spectacular confrontation with the Kerapac boss, Glacor Front featuring RuneScape’s first fully customizable encounter boss, and Croesus Front introducing RuneScape’s first skill boss. Included a difficult battle that required strategy and teamwork.

TzekHaar Front is currently running on RuneScape on PC, Steam, iOS and Android, completing cross-platform progress and playing on all platforms.

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RuneScape – A Year of War Reaches its Epic Climax

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