RuneScapeRaksha Best Strategy Guide and Rewards

RuneScape has brought new challenges to players in the form of Raksha and Shadow Colossus. This mini quest gives you access to the Orthen Oubliette where you can fight Raksha. To overcome this challenge, check out this RuneScapeRaksha guide.

This guide gives an overview of the following:

  • How to find Raksha
  • Best strategy
  • Drops and rewards

Wanda and Colossus RuneScape Guide Raksha

Before you can challenge Wanda and the Colossus Raksha, you need to find a place to find them.

How to find Raksha

The next mini quest is for members only. This is something you need to remember before trying. Thankfully, you’re unlikely to spend much of your time. This is, in fact, a fairly short miniquest that you will complete and is not too difficult to overcome. The difficulty level is categorized as beginner, so you should be able to get through without much trouble.

Quests and miniquests usually have some form of requirement, down to skill and item requirements. This is not an issue here and there are no requirements required to perform a Raksha miniquest. However, there are skill recommendations for reaching the Raksha boss himself. You need to make sure that your attack, defense, strength, range, magic, and invention levels are 99 or higher. On the other hand, level 67 summons, 95 prayers, and 96 overloaded herbs are the norm for participating in battles.

Our job here is to go through the miniquests and gain access to Wanda and the colossus boss Raksha. First, talk to Laniakea heading to the ruins of southeastern Anacronia. From here you need to head west, climb the stairs and suck up the shadow anima pool until it reaches 100%. Please note that you will earn 200 Life Points each time.

After this, go down the stairs to unlock the door near the pool. Then Laniakea follows the dungeon before leaving immediately due to the toxicity of the shadow anima. Head east towards the entrance to Obliette and talk to Zaros. Some cutscenes are played across some conversations before Raksha is disturbed by the teleported shadow anima container. Then there will be more dialogue from the keeper before the miniquest is complete.

Raksha strategy guide

Before we dive into the details of how to defeat Shadow Colossus Raksha in this RuneScape guide, let’s take a look at the monster background. Raksha is a Rex dinosaur that acts as both a solo and duo boss. Once the above mini-quest is complete, it can only be used in combat. Raksha’s sleep was interrupted by Zaros’ removal of the Shadow Anima Bat, so your job is to try to conquer the sneaky Rex after that long hibernation.

When fighting Boss Solo, Raksha has 800,000 health and doubles when played in a duo. One thing to watch out for is the very accurate attack that Raksha has, level 110 on attack and remote, and even magic level 120. Unprotected attacks can exceed 5,000 damage, while protected attacks see 1,100-1,200 damage. Raksha’s defense is 85 and the rating is 2178. It may seem daunting at first, but it is the weakest against ranged attacks. Raksha is unaffected by stuns and poisons, but leeches and reflect damage can come in handy.

Phase one attack

In the first phase of Raksha, auto-attack is used along with tail whip and charge attack. There are also shadow bombs to fight, and prolonged fights can generate shock waves. Continue to attack the boss and try to finish this stage as soon as possible. Remember to use your prayers and defenses to keep his attacks away.

Phase 2 attack

In his second stage, sporadic messages are greeted informing him that Raksha is poisoning your mind with shadow energy. This will allow Laksha to spawn a shadow orb around the player, launching a powerful attack. You need to click Orb 2 to kick them out, and you will receive a message for when they are completely kicked out. He tries to use the shadow blast attack from sucking up from the pool again. That said, try clearing all the pools before proceeding.

Phase 3 attack

In Phase 3, Raksha accelerates the absorption of shadow animas. Raksha will display a message that locks you in the shadow, and each player in the arena will call a shadow sign. They boast 10,000 health at level 160, so it’s best to deal with them as soon as possible to avoid having to deal with both them and Raksha.

Next, Keeper tells you to hit the antechamber because of the seriousness of the shadow’s presence. After that, the shadow signs of Obliette begin to fade, and the shadow anima pool does not increase Raksha’s strength. The keeper then activates the retention shield, traps the boss, summons four hydraulic posts, and begins chasing the player. With his anger, Raksha returns to his health at the beginning of the third phase, 400,000. For duos, double it.

Stay close to him as he has ever abandoned his special attack and prefers his tail sweep. If you stick to him and try to avoid him, you will eventually get a new attack known as Erebus Charge. However, if you have the right equipment and make the most of your internal power stack, you should be able to defeat him before he reaches this stage.

Raksha Drops and Rewards

When it comes to Raksha’s drop, it doesn’t necessarily drop at the time of defeat. Instead, the keeper teleports the item to where the Antechamber security projector is, from which it can be picked up. You can see that there are many major drops from the boss, from seeds to salvage, dragon hides, scales, runes, and spirits. However, tertiary drops can be expensive. The main drop is a more common base, but you’ll also get valuable items such as Blast Diffusion Boots, Greater Ricochet Codex, and the very rare Broken Shackle.


Hopefully, this RuneScape Raksha guide will give you ideas on how to find Wanda and the Colossus and overcome him. With a lot of preparation, you should be able to defeat the beast without doing too much damage. If you follow this guide, congratulations on defeating the infamous Rex. Enjoy the drops you find.

RuneScape Raksha Best Strategy Guide and Rewards

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