RuneScapes Elder God Wars is now live

war RuneScapeGielinor’s world begins today with the launch of The Nodon Front, the next year-long article on living games. Elder God Wars Story arc.

Following the previous chapter of Elder God WarsWhen players unearthed the lost city of Sentisten, the premonition of Arian’s devastating war passed. Rodong Front sees PC and mobile players crossing their arms fighting Elder Godjas’s mighty Rodong Dragonkin army and besieging the city.

Armed with powerful siege weapons, Nodon Dragonkin and his weapons are truly formidable and have a fierce thirst for weakening the defenses of Senntisten’s cathedral. Experienced players with 92 slayer skills need to gather together to destroy siege weapons and push back the army’s advance. Players with more than 90 construction skills can also turn the tide of war by pointing Nodon’s own weapons at him.

After fighting through Nodon Dragonkin’s Guards, Hunters, Artificers and Engineers, players will face military general Kerapac in a spectacular showdown within the Colosseum. The player has to manipulate the time to defeat Kerapack and the relics of his elder god, and the bravest of all players can even take on him in a “hard mode” variation. .. Fortunately, players will be assisted by former God of War generals Zilyana, Nex, Kree’arra, and K’ril to provide players with temporary abilities to support this horrific battle. I’m not completely alone.

Every great fight has great rewards, and Nordon Front is no exception. If the player is able to defeat Kerapac, he will receive RuneScape’s first Tier 95 weapon, The Staff of Armadyl, for future quests and a variety of cosmetic items.

Rodong Front currently lives RuneScape Complete cross-platform progress on PC, Steam, iOS and Android and play on all platforms.

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RuneScapes Elder God Wars is now live

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