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The running back position has been devalued in recent years and is emphasized by the NFL draft. Only one running back was selected in the first round of each of the previous two drafts and both players were taken towards the end of the round. This pattern may continue in 2021. With our latest mockPredict only one running back to advance to the first round.However, the Pittsburgh Steelers I’m reportedly considering taking one First day So does the Miami Dolphins.. However, if these teams move in the other direction on Thursday, 2021 could be the first draft since 2014, with no running back in any of the first 32 picks.

This will take you to today’s quiz today. Despite the recent loss of interest in using top picks in the tailback, all teams except the Houston Texans used the first rounder in that position at some point. With that in mind, what was the name of the last time all NFL teams chose a running back in the first round of the NFL draft?

good luck!

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“Running back taken in the first round” quiz “Running back taken in the first round” quiz

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