Rush Rally 3 gravel truck expansion will arrive on November 19th | Article

The Rush Rally 3 has been well received on mobile since its launch in 2019. The new expansion going to the game on November 19th is great news for many. It was revealed in recent blog posts and tweets.

This is called the Gravel Tracks extension, which adds three new countries to the game, each with six unique tracks. In addition, four new career championship modes will arrive in expansion to take advantage of the new course.

These added carrier modes also include past tracks, but with different weather effects and different lighting, they look a little different than before. Prior to the release of the extension on November 19, game beta testers will have early access to the extension to address issues prior to release.

If you’re new to Rush Rally 3, it’s a premium racing game for iOS and Android that promises console quality racing on your phone. There are many game modes you can join to keep your game fresh, such as career modes and a series of live events that you attend every week.

Rush Rally 3 is available on the App Store and Google Play. This is a $ 4.99 premium title with additional in-app purchases available. The game is also available on Nintendo Switch and is available at a high price of $ 14.99.

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