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There is a particular segment of the population that is immediately noticeable just by mentioning cats. If you like cats, this is for you. Developer Supercolony has announced the first project. Katopia: Rush And it’s ready to be the ultimate cat-based RPG built from scratch for mobile. Take your Super Cat party into a fantasy world full of file monsters, fight and defeat the evil Dark Lord.

There is a huge roster of Supercats to unlock and collect, each with its own ability to learn and develop strategies. I’m talking about dozens of different cats, but if you consider them worthwhile, you can level them all up. The game dungeons are randomly generated and the control scheme is specially constructed for one-handed portrait-oriented play. You can see all the behavior in the next trailer.

on the other hand Katopia It has been streamlined for mobile play and is not lacking in the strategy and depth department. Which cat you choose for the party has a big impact on the development of the battle. You can ride a tank with a giant mecha cat, keep distance and distance with a sharp rogue cat, use amazing magic spells with a caster cat, and much more. Mixing and matching to achieve the best combination for each situation Katopia appeal.

If this sounds exciting to you, Supercolony has recently begun accepting submissions for anyone who wants to take part in Android’s closed beta testing. Click this link, fill out a short Google form and register, and the closed beta test will start on November 18th.In the meantime, you can keep up with everything Katopia: Rush Visit the Super Colony website or play the game twitter Or Facebook account.

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‘Catopia: Rush’ is the Ultimate Cat-Based Dungeon Crawler and It’s Kicking Off a Closed Beta Test on Android November 18th

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