Russell T. Davis’ return is planned for late 2020

Showrunner Russell T. Davies reveals he’s been working on specials since Christmas 2020 Doctor Who’s return-an exciting twist on the story!

Russell T. Davis returns Doctor Who Showrunner has been active since Christmas 2020. In 2005, Russell T. Davis was in charge of the renewal. Doctor Who, BBC’s top science fiction program. To please viewers, David is celebrating its 60th anniversary with past stars David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

Davis hinted at his vision Doctor Who In January 2021, before his return was announced, he lovingly recalled his year when he began various spin-offs. In his view Doctor Who It can be as vast and vast as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and can be successful. The BBC has fans sayingRTD2“The times, the show, have an unprecedented budget. It’s already clear that Davis is going to reverse. Doctor WhoRecent overly secretive marketing approach. Instead, it focuses on its involvement with a broader fan culture.

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To do that Doctor Who MagazineAnd # 579 contain an exclusive interview with Russell T. Davis. Return of David Tennant.. “”By 2023, you can tell a complete story.“Davis observes.”Including the important role played by this venerable old magazine … Ideas [for the 60th anniversary special] It dates back to Christmas 2020. And, not to mention the script, there are 1 million emails, setbacks and schedules.“All this culminated in the official announcement in May 2022. According to Davis, it was the first time we were in the same room as Tenant and Tate to discuss this special thing.

David Tennant as Tenth Doctor and Catherine Tate as Doctor Who's Donna

Davis’s comment seems to be hinting Doctor WhoVarious “Blockade special“—Organized by that time-Doctor Who Magazine Includes scripts from editors Emily Cook and Davis and ex-companies Doctor Who Showrunner Steven Moffat — It had a great influence on the evolution of the show. They seemed to help reconnect people and led to the idea of ​​a 60th anniversary special — and, as they say, the rest is history. The Doctor Who The blockade and Tweet Ason helped to show the Houvian community at its best and put together so many parts of the fandom during the isolated period. They seem to have a considerable legacy.

However, Davis has chosen not to talk completely for now. He understands that viewers are excited about the return of Tenants and Tate, and the set photos drop clues about the casting he has to deal with.But he still wants to focus on this year’s focus Doctor Who Centenary Special, Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor Plays -Probably regaining a familiar face to the tenant. Undoubtedly, many who fans will find that when faced with his own rebirth, he recalls a line of classic dialogue from Dr. Fourth. “”That’s it, but the moment is ready.“”

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Source: Doctor Who Magazine

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Russell T. Davis’ return is planned for late 2020

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