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“Russell wants to tell his story and the stories that are important to him,” Russell Westbrook’s lead designer of signature sneakers, Regibson, tells SLAM. “And what you’ve learned about Russ probably doesn’t feel much in these interviews, and watching him on TV is just the loyalty he has to his friends and family. Is his rationale. These first four shoes are very important about these connections. “

Jordan “Why?” Zer0.4, as Gibson said, begins with five flavors that are deeply connected to the previous MVP. There is “Upbringing”, an asymmetrical mashup of his childhood in LA.

Then there is the black and gold “family” option. obvious. The blue-based “Trust & Loyalty” joint is a mockup of tones that influences Russ’s dedication to his loved ones. And there is a project “FACETASM” collaboration that was born during Westbrook’s trip to Tokyo in 2019.

Hiromichi Ochiai, the founder of a Japanese-based design company, connected with Russ and quickly made a connection. Then work started.

“I’m very involved,” Gibson said of Westbrook. “He’s creative himself. He defines himself as creative on-court, off-court. I didn’t know if he would show him sketches, detailed drawings or samples. He’s kind of all over. What’s really cool about Russ is that if he sees something, he knows. Very quickly. He knows what he likes very well and He knows how he wants things and actually brings this personal perspective. He wants to tell personal stories and stories, even if he’s vigilant. It really is. I think it’s cool and the key to the product. “

“Russell always brings a variety of references and elements each season,” adds Mackenzie Sam, lead designer of Westbrook’s apparel collection. “It all goes back to his personal connection to everything. He’s coming up with ways to take subtle hits and make them more obvious.”

Gibson and Sam worked with Ochiai and Westbrook to create a world of design that connects footwear and clothing. Sneakers are associated with pieces, and pieces are associated with sneakers. Both Gibson and Sam teams worked with the team of the same name at the same time, which provided a bridge between them. In the future, the PE motif will subtly emerge on the jacket. Alternatively, the logo originally displayed on the back of the shirt will be exported to the new colorway.

Russell Westbrook

Sam, of course, refers to OG Jordan’s gear, but he also got the inspiration for this collection from an unexpected source.

“The collection started with mashups and many different elements from many disciplines, whether from classic Jordan or from many vintage military,” he tells SLAM. “Many of these elements were pulled out to create this collection and then mashed up. It’s always about breaking that expectation. I see everything. Before coming to Portland I lived in New York, so to be honest, my new inspirational reference is to go out and go outdoors. “

But everything Westbrook does is rooted in performance. So Gibson technically explains “why not”. Zer 0.4.

Russell Westbrook

The forefoot has a double-stack zoom, and Westbrook’s favorite Air Jordan 28 also had a decoupled outsole, so it has a decoupled outsole. There is a TPU plate and a two-stage traction pattern at your feet. A series of thinner and thicker blades with a height difference of about 0.25 mm make up the outsole.

“This top layer is in contact with the ground and has a little deflection as soon as we apply lateral force, when the second layer grips,” Gibson said of the outsole.

The upper utilizes aggressive lines and layered pieces to reflect how unique Westbrook is as a person and as a player. Gibson and his team reduced the weight of 4 by removing the midfoot strap introduced in 3. However, Gibson emphasizes a heel lockdown of 4.

Russell Westbrook

“The importance of locking the heel came from actually working with some NFL players,” he says. “Cooperated with Odel [Beckham Jr], Where his trainer really wanted to lock down his heels. And given Russ as a similar kind of player, with similar energy (Russ is much bigger than Odel), the dynamic movements they make on the floor felt like a really interesting match. “

It’s clear that Gibson says Odel didn’t work directly at 4. That’s because he created a way to keep Westbrook safe when he was dunking in DC this season.

“Russ really likes to see options and repetitions of things,” says Gibson. “There were some things in our heads. Lockdowns and cushions started and traction came a bit late. Some of these details on the upper came a little late. But , I just built all these concepts in sketches. I made some terrible samples, but only to explain the concepts. And we talk about all of them, then Russ he varies. I talked about what I liked about things, and then we started putting them together.

“We sent him an email with an image and made a phone call and a video chat. This all happened before COVID,” he continues. “And we’ll meet him in person. This is most valuable because he really understands what he likes and dislikes. He just takes his shoes off the table and says,” I don’t want to see it again. ” I’m very honest. “

The team finally landed on “Why Not?”. Zer 0.4 as part of a new journey for the former MVP. Westbrook is focused on using it as a platform to showcase the talents of storytellers and artists within the black community. That is the most important thing for him.


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Russell Westbrook Jordan Design Process “Why?” Zer0.4 Russell Westbrook Jordan Design Process “Why?” Zer0.4

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