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Russell, who starred in damp conditions and finished second in the spa and third in Sochi, wanted to excel after a light afternoon rain moistened the track for the start of qualifying at Istanbul Park. ..

Russell passed through to the second quarter, but was slower due to an error on the final lap at the end of the session and was only 13th on the grid.

Russell felt he should be “well inside the third quarter” on his last lap time, as he was 4/10 below Lando Norris’ cutoff time of 10th place.

When asked about’s qualifying at Istanbul Park, Russell was very frustrated because “the lap was probably enough for P5 and 6/10 or 7 within the third quarter cutoff. I’m sorry. “

“I’m really pushing my limits and I’ve exceeded it twice today. This is too many mistakes for me.

“I’m a little disappointed in myself. As you know, we need these conditions to offer these opportunities. Today was an opportunity, and I missed . “

George Russell, Williams FW43B

Photo: Mark Sutton / Motorsport image

Russell said it was “really difficult” to determine where a driver could and couldn’t push in damp conditions after running slick tires throughout qualifying, but still giving Williams another impressive result. I felt that I was able to do it.

“All drivers are in the same situation and are proud of themselves to make a little difference,” Russell said.

“Today we had the opportunity, and we weren’t enough in one corner of having another of those special Saturdays.”

Russell felt Williams was one step ahead of his run on Friday and suspected he could repeat the results of Spa and Sochi, but was dissatisfied with not starting from the top of the grid. rice field.

“Yesterday the pace of the car was very slow, but today the car started in such a difficult situation. [could have] I made the most of it, “Russell said.

“But here, instead of being in the top ten, we’ll start P13 tomorrow.

“If you start in the top 10 and get off to a good start, everything is different after the first lap, so it’s easy to find the top 8 and top 7.

“Tomorrow’s first lap will be the top 10 at best, but the pace of the car is not enough.

“Tomorrow will be a long race. It will be interesting because I don’t know if anyone knows what the right strategy will be.”

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Russell’s disappointed mistake sacrificed Williams’ “another special Saturday” Russell’s disappointed mistake sacrificed Williams’ “another special Saturday”

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