Rust celebrates 7th birthday and great Movember initiative

Celebrate the 7th year of rust this month, Face punch studio Announced that about $ 80,000 has been raised for men’s health charity MovemberWe are working to make a difference in men’s mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. This makes Facepunch and its community one of the largest donors to Movember in the UK this year.

This month we’re also celebrating Rust’s 7th birthday with a seasonal celebration update full of new content, new features, optimizations and improvements. For more information, visit the Rust blog from 19:00 GMT tonight.


Over 20,000 wearable games have been seen thanks to the efforts of thousands of players within Rust, a hit survival multiplayer FPS game for PC. Movember mustache Purchased from Steam’s Rust item store in November 2020. With the success of the knockout, the charity initiative has raised about $ 80,000 for men’s health consciousness. This includes the brave efforts of some Facepunch teams to grow their own mustaches, and you can see the results. here!!

Justin Coghlan (JC), co-founder of Movember, said: “Thank you very much to the Facepunch crew and community for joining Movember this year and helping to change the face of men’s health. Your support has started many conversations and the community has started them. We encourage you to check in with your peers. In addition, it will help fund some of the world’s most groundbreaking projects in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. Thank you for participating in the trip with Movember. “

November is over, but it’s never too late to donate or learn. MovemberWe are working to make a difference in men’s mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

7th birthday

This month, Rust turns 7 and celebrates with in-game (and thrown) birthday cake items. In the near future, we’ll talk more about how last year went, what we learned, and how Rust worked.


Facepunch will release a patch on December 17th at 19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST to enable this year’s Christmas festival, so be prepared for the chilly and seasonal season.

new function

Technology tree

  • Since 2017, Rust has added over 130 craftable items. As a result, random workbench experiments have become increasingly costly and frustrating due to the large craft pool. To solve this, there is a new TechTree system that allows players to linearly unlock the blueprint and choose their own upgrade path.
  • Players can normally find and investigate items found around the world, but interacting with the workbench opens the technology tree itself. It turns out to be a common bugbear for many, so I can’t wait to see players react to this improvement in quality of life.

Airdrop rework

Since the launch of Rust Legacy in 2013, airdrops have become iconic, but unchanged. Today we are introducing a complete visual makeover to comply with the Rust2020 standard. Along with this, related loot rework will be done, low quality items will be removed, and high quality and rare loot will be prioritized. We hope that players will be encouraged to participate in the AirDrop event!

Change in balance

This update includes a variety of balancing changes, including popular requests from the community and unique fixes. Counting over 300 changes, touching almost every item provides a consistent spillover effect throughout the game.

  • Most of the production time has been reduced
  • Hazmat suits are currently using the condition
  • Reduced the cost of making armor for road signs
  • Reduce all electric craft costs
  • Most of the appliances are now stackable
  • Increased rocket launcher deployment time
  • Smoke grenades can now be created and researched
  • Removed blueprint drops from barrels and crates
  • Complete rebalancing of the torso under armor
  • Large med kits now offer a small amount of instant health and are cheaper to make
  • Greatly reduces dehydration when taking anti-radiation drugs
  • Reduced manufacturing time for medical syringes
  • Glass has been added to the reinforced window bar
  • We will monitor these changes and hope to see subtle changes in the meta.

The full range of these changes can be found here.

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Rust celebrates its seventh birthday and amazing Movember initiative

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