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The post-Canelo Alvarez era of Golden Boy Promotions will begin in earnest on January 2nd.

That’s when lightweight candidate Ryan Garcia faces Luke Campbell at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. DAZN, The first important boxing event of the New Year and the biggest battle of Garcia’s career.

Alvarez separated from his longtime promoter last month, leaving a dollar box for the Golden Boy. If possible, it is now time for promising young stars such as Garcia, Vergil Ortiz, Jaime Munguia and JoJo Diaz to regain their slack.

“It feels a bit strange,” Golden Boy CEO Oscar De La Hoya told boxing junkie. “I took Canero under my wings at the young age of 18 when Canero first came to the United States. I believe his first fight was Larry Mosley. He It would be strange not to get promoted. I’m still rooting for him. I think I’m still mentally in his corner.

“But at Golden Boy Promotions, I strongly feel that something special is happening about building a fighter …. Given that we are doing our best, we are given our achievements. I’m just as excited. And it’s creating champions and stars. “

Ryan Garcia stopped the last three opponents, including Romero Dunault (pictured), within two rounds.Steve Marcus / Getty Images

It begins with Garcia, who reminds us of the young Delahoya herself. A talented, good looking, charismatic, golden boy.

A 22-year-old woman from Los Angeles, who signed a five-year contract with Golden Boy last year, hasn’t done much in the ring, at least at a high level. He’s in the midst of an exciting series of knockouts, but his victims aren’t exactly the generic name, and former title challenger Francisco Fonseca is probably best known.

It doesn’t seem to have hindered the growth of his large followers. He follows 7.7 million Instagram people. Not bad for start-ups.

What’s wrong? Delahoya said he was familiar with the phenomenon, but difficult to explain.

“I strongly feel that Ryan Garcia has that” element “,” he said. “… Whatever it is, not everyone has it, so it is not possible to really define what the factor of that” it “is.Canero [Alvarez] Have, have, have [Floyd] Mayweather has it, [Manny] Pacquiao has it. I’m talking about a great fighter here.

“And I believe Ryan Garcia can reach that position.”

Garcia (left) signed a five-year contract with Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions last September.Tom Hogan-Hogan Photo / Golden Boy Promotions

He continued. “Ryan is in a very unique position, unlike other fighters. That is, the world champion is calling him. If you think about it, he is in a very, very unique position. It’s unheard of in boxing, but it’s a great opportunity for Ryan to be great.

“I believe his fate is destined to win world titles in several weight classes. Ryan has the opportunity to become a legend and become the most popular fighter on the planet. I think he is one of the fighters.

“At the young age of 22, he already has 7.7 million followers on Instagram. This is unheard of …. Ryan Garcia becomes the largest, most popular and best fighter on the planet. I believe I can be. Just wait and see. “

He will have to pass Campbell first. And that may not be easy.

The British are an important step against Garcia. He is a 2012 Olympic gold medalist. And he failed the biggest fight-he got angry with Ivan Mendi and lost the title match between Jorge Linares and Vasyl Lomachenko-he gave a good explanation of himself every time.

In other words, Campbell (20-3, 16 KO) is a legitimate threat to defeat Garcia.

Luke Campbell (pictured here fighting Ivan Mendi) will be the toughest test in Garcia’s career.Richard Heath Court / Getty Images

“It will be … a real, real test against Campbell,” said Delahoya. “Campbell, the fact that he is an Olympic gold medalist, the fact that he has already attended training in the United States and is determined to concentrate … that can be a very difficult fight for Ryan Garcia.

“But again, with that” it “element, you tend to do whatever it takes to win the battle.I think Ryan Garcia will win in a dramatic way on January 2nd because of that “it” factornd.. “

Delahoya is also bullish on Vergil Ortiz, who he believes has evolved into the dominant welterweight division. The same is true for the injured young middleweight Jaime Mungia from Mexico. And Diaz, who has already won the major junior lightweight title.

That’s why Garcia, Ortiz, Mungia, Diaz and others are optimistic about Delahoya’s New Year without leaving the superstar.

“I really do,” he said when asked if he was fired. “For everyone. To say the least, 2020 was very difficult. Obviously, this pandemic has brought dampers to everyone’s lives. I want everyone to be safe. is.

“But 2021 started this year with a pretty big shock, so I think Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell are a great match to star in that year. This could also be a boxing breakout.

“2021 could be the biggest year for the sport.”

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Ryan Garcia can ride the element of “it” Ryan Garcia can ride the element of “it”

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