Ryan Kruger’s horror feature film debut Friedbury [Exclusive Interview]

I’ve always been interested in UFOs, aliens, close encounters, and the ideas of those who claim they have been kidnapped. I’ve seen several interpretations of what it means to be kidnapped by aliens in the cinema several times. Usually it’s a horrifying experience. But what if a visitor from another world kidnaps the wrong person? Maybe a real Bummy guy who is also a drug addict and lives in the wrong place in town. So what do aliens think of us?

That’s what’s happening at Shudder Original. Fried barry.. The film went around the festival and finally appeared on Shudder this week. The film is the feature director debut of award-winning music video director Ryan Kruger. It is also the debut work of the leading actor Gary Greene.

Here’s an overview of Friedbury:

Fried Barry follows a degenerate story with alien kidnapped drugs after yet another vendor. Barry takes back seats for alien visitors to take control of their bodies and joyride Cape Town. Following is the onslaught of drugs, gender and violence as Barry’s alien tourists enter the strange and wonderful world of humanity.

Gary Greene as Barry-Fried Barry_Season1-Photo Source: Shudder

With that release LRM Online I had the opportunity to talk to Ryan Kruger Fried barry.. It was interesting to find that the film was the result of an experimental short film made by Kluger under the same name. I was surprised to learn that this was Green’s first movie. It was a great conversation about one of the weirdest movies I’ve seen recently. You can check it below!

-Fried Barry_Season1-Photo courtesy of: Shudder

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Fried barry Now available Shudder!!

Ryan Kruger’s horror feature film debut Friedbury [Exclusive Interview]

https://lrmonline.com/news/ryan-kruger-on-his-horror-feature-film-debut-fried-barry/ Ryan Kruger’s horror feature film debut Friedbury [Exclusive Interview]

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