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Week 16 ends most of the fantasy season, but some leagues continue until week 17 of the NFL season. Therefore, the start and seating advice is similar. At the end of the traditional season, these picks can also be viewed as potential options for the Week 17 DFS lineup.

Week 17 Fantasy Quarterback Start or Sit | Start’Day

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings (Detroit Lions)

Once again, Kirk Cousins ​​finished this fantasy season as a top 10 quarterback. He needs to keep smashing it against the Lions defense for the 17th week and give the opposite QB the second most fantasy points. Cousins ​​are an easy choice to start the article on the start of NFL Week 17’em sit’em.

Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans (Houston Texans)

Ryan Tannehill played a rebound game this week against the Texans defense, who ranked 30th in pass points, and won the opposite quarterback in each game. Heck, they allowed Bengals quarterback, Brandon Allen, to pass over 350 yards. Yes … you read it correctly!

Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers (Kansas City Chiefs)

The Chiefs will rest this week and set up a very lucrative match for this rookie stud. Expect Justin Herbert to win the Offensive Blue Key of the Year award with great boost from his flashy stats.

Other quarterbacks to consider starting in week 17

  • Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts (against Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • John Wolford, Los Angeles Rams (against Arizona Cardinals)

17th Week Quarterback Sit’em Option

Tuatago Viroa, Miami Dolphins (Buffalo Bills)

There aren’t many advantages to Tour in this game. Rookie QB wouldn’t have played in the weather he would face in this game during his career. In addition, the bill was a relatively strict defense for QB to remain consistent. So just look for dolphins, operate this game on the ground and just move the chain when you need it through the passing games.

  • Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals (Los Angeles Rams)
  • Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Week 17 Fantasy Running Back Start or Sit | Start’Day

Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts (vs. Jacksonville Jaguars)

It took a while, but Jonathan Taylor provided it to the Fantasy Manager in 2020. Taylor finished the season as the eighth best RB. Consistency score Ranking. I hope the gift of donations will last until the first week of 2021. Colts needs to win on Sunday. 2020 NFL Playoff Race.. Taylor needs to carry luggage against Jaguar’s defense, with the fourth most fantasy point pointing to the opposite running back.

Wayne Garman, New York Giants (vs. Dallas Cowboys)

The Giants are still alive in the playoff hunt, and they will need to be able to run the ball to defeat the Cowboys. Dallas allows 5 yards per carry and is ranked 31st in terms of points allowed for the opposite ball carrier. Garman has seen the touch competition this season, but the Giants can’t afford it to be a shootout. The best way for the Giants to win is to control the ball when attacking. Garman is their best RB and I expect them to lean on him in the 17th week.

Other running backs to consider starting from the 17th week

  • Jeff Wilson, San Francisco 49ers (vs. Seattle Seahawks)
  • Malcolm Browne, Los Angeles Rams (against Arizona Cardinals)
  • JK Dobbins, Baltimore Ravens (Cincinnati Bengals)
  • Miles Gaskins, Miami Dolphins (Buffalo Bills)
  • JD McKissic, Washington Football Team (Philadelphia Eagles)

17th week running back sit’em option

Ronald Jones, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (against the Atlanta Falcons)

It’s not possible to really know how much role Ronald Jones will play this week. The Falcons are one of the toughest defenses against orchids this season. If the game is out of reach, there is also the risk that the Buccaneers starter will be released on bail in the second half.

  • Miles Sanders / Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles (against Washington Football Team)

Week 17 Start or Sit Fantasy Wide Receiver | Start’Day

Brandin Cooks, Houston Texans (against Tennessee Titans)

Cook saw 10 targets last week, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t see a lot again this week. There are a lot of points in this game, the Titans are playing in the playoff spots and the Texans are trying to play the spoiler. Tennessee has allowed 11 touchdowns to the number one WR this season.According to us Defensive points that allow consistency scores, They are also ranked as the 8th best defense of the opposite wide receiver.

Curtis Samuel, Carolina Panthers (against New Orleans Saints)

Both Christian McCaffrey and Mike Davis are out this week, and Robbie Anderson is working on an inguinal injury. Samuel is available as a Panthers Swiss Army knife for the saints on Sunday. Last week he built a total of over 160 yards. I expect more of the same this week. Saints was a tough defense facing 2020, but has shown weaknesses in recent weeks.

Other wide receivers to consider starting from week 17

  • Robert Woods, Los Angeles Rams (against Arizona Cardinals)
  • Mike Williams, Los Angeles Chargers (Kansas City Chiefs)
  • Zack Pascal, Indianapolis Colts (against Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Corey Davis, Tennessee Titans (Houston Texans)
  • Ritchie James, San Francisco 49ers (vs. Seattle Seahawks)
  • Gabriel Davis, Buffalo Bills (vs. Miami Dolphins)
  • Lynn Bowden, Miami Dolphins (Buffalo Bills)

17th week wide receiver sit’em option

Nelson Agroll, Las Vegas Raiders (Denver Broncos)

It is difficult to have someone who can play the entire game sit down, as it is so uncertain who will play for how long. However, Broncos’ defense is a solid unit, and Agroll is now beginning to see the press as if he were the number one receiver.

  • Jalen Leaguer, Philadelphia Eagles (against Washington Football Team)

17th week tight end

Irv Smith Jr., Minnesota Vikings (Detroit Lions)

Kyle Rudolph will re-enter this week, promoting Smith to the fantasy “must start status”. Lions defense is weak to defend their position throughout the season and is ranked 31st in touchdowns to the tight end.

Other tight ends to consider starting from week 17

  • Austin Hooper, Cleveland Browns (against Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Mike Geshitsuki, Miami Dolphins (Buffalo Bills)

17th week tight end sit’em option

Noah Fant, Denver Broncos (against Las Vegas Raiders)

Fant really fought the Raiders in the last time-out. In the last five weeks, his fantasy points ranged from 0 to 12.8 in standard format. He’s relatively unknown in what he produces, so I’m still clear in games that have little real meaning.

17th week fantasy defense

  • Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Chargers
  • Philadelphia Eagles Washington Football Team

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Ryan Tannehill and Curtis Samuel highlight fantasy start / sit Ryan Tannehill and Curtis Samuel highlight fantasy start / sit

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