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Just as Mark Henry saw his big debut in Double or Nothing, the news is now that more stars could jump into AEW to make the brand even bigger. Who are the candidates? Triple H’s “Bad Offer” leaks to AEW’s female star.

Ryback hinted on Twitter that he would make his debut with AEW Double Or Nothing. Well, this should match the casual “AEW Double Or Nothing”. Tweet, no, this is Ryback’s full animation and packaging, really to make fun of his debut.

Former IC Champion tweeted his little animation standing in front of a casino slot machine with the AEW logo on it.

Many fans pointed out that he wanted to go to AEW, but unfortunately most of the polls hosted by Ryback also told him to retire. Ryback received stem cell therapy and returned to a ready ring. The biggest question that remains is when and where he will arrive next. He seems to be preparing for what falls on him.

Unfortunately, Ryback was a no-show of the double or nothing event, so all the bullying didn’t mean anything. Perhaps Ryback has no plans to return to the ring, but is likely to continue playing with his fans.

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Ryback Major AEW Debut News Leak Ryback Major AEW Debut News Leak

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