S1mple receives a fourth ban on single contractions and explains why

Considered by many to be the best CS: GO player in the world, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev does a lot of streaming on Twitch in his spare time, but unfortunately the channel continues to be banned every few months. As a result, the relationship with the platform is tight.

This morning, a 23-year-old Ukrainian was handed another Twitch ban. “Aggression to people” The person who used the racial slur in his stream. S1mple said once in the stream in an attempt to blame users for not using “racial slurs,” but it seems to have been enough for a fourth expulsion from the platform.

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S1mple banned from 4th Twitch

The ban period is currently unknown, but according to s1mple, it is to blame user s1mple for using the same racial slur in order to blame users on the stream for using the Russian racial slur. “Negative attitude towards it” And this seemed to be a good reason for Twitch to pass another ban from the platform to Ukrainians.

Users who heard about this decision by Twitch opposed the platform and called for ignorance. Effective Countermeasures Against Massive Fraud StreamsMost of them are reruns of s1mple streams, which is becoming more and more painful for both users and platforms.

Some even point out that Twitch, who called for a fraudulent stream issue a few days ago, may be fighting back against s1mple. This is rare, as it wasn’t just s1mple that sought a solution, but many other players and personalities were also involved in this particular case.

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This isn’t the first time s1mple has been banned from Twitch because of its use of racial slurs. The first ban given to him last August was when he was banned for seven days for exactly the same reason.

After this incident, he was banned again last November, but this time he called Twitch for not understanding the context in which certain words were used, so s1mple wasn’t happy. At the time, he said: “I’m tired of streaming on terrible platforms and always pick the right words. If u bans it for free, the rules should be the same for other streamers.”

The third ban was passed to him in July this year, but the reason for this is still unknown. Surprisingly, s1mple didn’t take the news seriously. Instead, the tweet spread by word of mouth, so he made a little joke to imitate Dr Disrespect and disrespect Twitch.

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The community wants him to be sentenced to a minimum of seven days’ ban, but Twitch’s acquisition of a fourth ban for the same reasons may pass s1mple with more severe punishment.

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