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The Tasmanian circuit’s benchmark lap time was 50.16, set by Alfie Constanto on the Laura T420 Formula 5000 car in 1980, starting as the oldest time in the country.

But when the S5000 first visited Simmons Planes, the prediction that the 41-year-old record had finally fallen was true.

Three drivers in the Costanzo era with today’s S5000 opener-Thomas Randle, race winner Joey Morson and James Golding.

It was Randle, the runner-up, who set a new record in favor of 49.864s.

He also set a lap later in the race, even though he admitted that recent cancer treatments had hit his race’s health.

“I struggled with a bit of strength and conditioning, but finishing the race on a lap record is pretty cool,” Randall said.

“I didn’t win, but it was a great day.

“It’s impressive that the trucks haven’t been broken that long, for example because they have been repaved. Those Formula 5000 cars were hooked on their heyday.

“That’s special. Tomorrow is still a race day, so there are two more possibilities for it to break, but it’s great to break it today.”

Randall looked back at his race and said that Mawson’s quick start was the difference.

“I couldn’t get a good start,” he said.

“Joey really got off to a good start. He cracked his hairpin on lap 1, but his tires were a little cold and his brain was a little cold. To be honest, I was lucky to be able to grab it.

“We fought Ding Dong, I put him in my sight. Towards the end, I tried to crack, but it got a little wider on Turn 6.”

The S5000 action will continue tomorrow, with two races, both streamed live and free by

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S5000 breaks 41-year-old record S5000 breaks 41-year-old record

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