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SA may ban alcohol because 1 million cases of virus have been violated

South Africa could revive the ban on alcohol sales as part of efforts to control the Covid-19 outbreak, which currently exceeds one million people, according to people familiar with the matter.

By December 25, there had been a record infection for three days in the country, with 14,796 new cases enrolled. Health Minister Zwelli Mukize called for stricter measures the day before to curb spreads that have already hit the economy. South Africa recorded a cumulative total of 1004413 confirmed cases and 26735 deaths on Sunday.


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Some countries, including the United Kingdom, impose travel restrictions on flights from Africa’s most industrialized economies after new, more aggressive virus strains have been identified in the eastern part of the country. The mutation, known as 501.V2, has increasingly dominated samples over the last two months and is spreading rapidly.

Since the world’s toughest blockade was imposed in March, alcohol sales restrictions have been enforced to varying degrees, partly due to reduced hospitalizations due to car accidents and alcohol-related violence. Still, the government lost tax revenues and fired workers as a result of the initial ban on sales and liquor stores.

The ban began on Tuesday and could last until January 10, said a person who demanded anonymity because the information wasn’t disclosed and no final decision was made.

In response to the question, Tyrone Seal, acting spokesman for President Cyril Ramaphosa, said, “The government is continuously monitoring every aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic, and when a decision is made, Will be publicly communicated. ”

The government’s National Coronavirus Command is expected to discuss the possibility of a ban on alcohol, said Luckyn Timan, a convener of the Liqueur Traders Formation on behalf of liqueur dealers.

“I don’t think a total ban on alcohol sales will be a solution in the short or long term,” an industry group said in a statement.

The Coalition of Liquor Stores has proposed curfew and alcohol restrictions, if any, but still allows for self-consumption with off-site sales. The complete closure of liquor sales means “the end of the tavern market and the direct employment of 250,000 people associated with this sector.”

Liquor companies operating in SA include Anheuser-Busch InBev SA, Diageo Plc and Distell Group Holdings Ltd.

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SA may ban alcohol because 1 million cases of virus have been violated SA may ban alcohol because 1 million cases of virus have been violated

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