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In all the stories that Jack Eichel could become a moving player this year, Buffalo Sabers GM felt the need to deal with speculation as well as how bad the team’s performance was. Kevin Adams called the situation difficult and said Eikel didn’t want to move.

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Adams noted that he was browsing the trade market and was looking for options that could help boost the team. Still, he warned fans and the media that he wasn’t investing in a complete restructuring, shortening the season and flattening the COVID protocol and salary cap. Making moves and wielding deals is not easy.

He called the players’ performance unacceptable and said he needed to be willing to do anything in his role as a GM to make this team better:

“I wake up every day looking for a solution … I’m calling every team. I think it’s going to be an interesting year with all the protocols and quarantines … The teams are where we are I know clearly if I am. “

Jack Eikel Buffalo Sabers
Jack Aikel Buffalo Sabers

How about Aikel?

Does Eiker’s trade fall into this category, or does he do anything he can to improve the team? That may be the case, but so far Eiker has not approached him about wanting to trade.

Adams says he is in contact with Aikel and other players. This includes the fact that Jeff Skinner and his agents have been on the bench in several games in the last few weeks.

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Sabers GM says Aikel doesn’t want to trade Sabers GM says Aikel doesn’t want to trade

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