Sackboy: Big Adventure gets PS4 to PS5 save transfers and cross-play with new updates

Sackboy: Big Adventure was a surprising hit when the PlayStation 5 went on sale. Given the fun that LittleBigPlanet has brought to the field, I wasn’t too shocked by that fact. But now it shows how big titles will be done again by enabling save transfers from “PS4 to PS5”. This means you can stay on top of your progress whenever you upgrade your hardware. But that’s not the only latest update.

Also bundled with the same patch is the cross-play feature. This allows you to play with players from different platforms. The only question right now is who to play with. There are limits to social games, so please do as you would in real life.

In total, three other yarnballs may participate in the adventure. That is, you may need to loosen some threads. But at least the Dreamer Orb can be returned as is. Therefore, not everything is lost. Well, except for friendships that may have frayed. But given the nature of the game, it wasn’t like our football team shuffling that level. Even if it’s cool.

The new online multiplayer feature is shown in the video above, along with some hairstyles that I’m a little jealous of. Please check it. Or even better, try the game instead-it’s one of the best releases of the year!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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Sackboy: A Big Adventure Gets PS4 to PS5 Save Transfer and Cross-Play In New Update

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