Sadly, Atelier Ryza 2 doesn’t get a PlayStation 5 upgrade in South Korea

Sadly, an illustration of an article titled iAtelier Ryza 2 / i can't get a PlayStation 5 upgrade in South KoreaIllustration of the article titled

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Originally announced for PlayStation 4 Liza’s Atelier 2 We are also coming to PlayStation 5 via a free update.But not in Korea..

According to the Korean publisher of the game Digital touch (Via Tarekomi Sang), the company does not have the right to publish the PlayStation 5 version. Rather, Digital Touch only has publishing rights for PS4, Steam, and Switch. However, Digital Touch is not licensed for the PS5 version, so we cannot offer free upgrades.Maybe it didn’t know it Should have been??

Tecmo Koei The game is released internationally in regions such as North America and Japan.

The PS5 upgrade was just announced in September, and Digital Touch seemed to be in line with the news.Even after following up on Tecmo Koei, Said that Digital Touch is not yet able to offer the PS5 version because no license agreement has been Online press release, Korean publisher apologized to player Delayed handling Status. There was a backlash among fans online in South Korea.

This seems to be a really disappointing lack of communication.

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