Saints Row and Raven headline Xbox games with December 2020 gold giveaway

The transition to next-generation games using the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S may have been well done, but that doesn’t mean the old guards don’t deserve a bit of limelight. Perhaps charging across the hill for the last one hurray is the December 2020 Xbox Games With Gold scheme. Once again, four new games are preparing to be stripped of their price tags. Also, the power of Games With Gold has been somewhat diminished by the next generation and the great Xbox Game Pass, but you still need to pay attention, especially if the free games are very interesting.

It will be one month from November With free access to Xbox gamers such as Swimsanity and Full Spectrum Warrior, four new titles will be introduced in December, with fairly well-known names.

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscription owner and are looking forward to improving the quantity and quality of your digital Xbox library, you can download the following games for free until December 2020 …

To be honest, this may not be the best Saints Row experience offered, but in our eyes, Saints Row games are especially free and if you’re crazy about missing the Gat out of Hell. Is worth the participation. Stacking is also worth a look, and there are always places in the world for a little Raven and Bleed 2.

I think this is one of the good months these days. As easy as the free GamesWithGold titles in October and November. But what do you think? Will these games find a place in your gaming life? Please let us know in the comments. And if you haven’t got something like Swimsanity, Aragami, LEGO Indiana Jones yet, get one. They aren’t free for much longer as the next set is imminent.

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Saints Row and The Raven headline the Xbox Games with Gold freebies for December 2020

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