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Carlos Sainz Jnr His third podium finish as a Ferrari driver in Sochi said he was the product of his best weekend ever with the team.

He qualified and passed in the front row of the grid Lando Norris For the lead at the start. However, the McLaren driver later found a way beside him and told him that his team was first at best on the fifth-place course after Sainz pitted in.

“I was a little surprised because I’m sure I’m fighting for the podium at least after leading the race,” Sainz admitted.

“I didn’t know exactly where the others were at that point. I knew I had a pit stop, and I knew that no one was overcut, so The pace was decent. Maybe our simulations suggested that everyone would go to the media at the end, so we would be their easy prey and likely to finish P5.

“But at that point I was stuck in a traffic jam with hard tires. I think I was stuck behind Bottas and behind Guthrie. After that, if I managed to succeed, I would basically be my own. I was able to get it done at my own pace. “

Sainz was third when it started to rain at the end of the race, but he regained his position after pitting in the middle tires.

“I’ve increased my pace a lot. I was able to reach P3 at a decent pace. I was on the track towards P3 until it rained, but then there was confusion and confusion,” he said. .. “In the end, it will be a little better than P5, and I’m glad I was able to recover a little from there.”

Sainz contained Norris as fast as possible

Sainz was pleased with his performance after finishing behind the championship candidates Lewis Hamilton And Max Verstappen.

“It’s definitely the best weekend with Ferrari,” he said. “I think I had a very strong weekend from practice, especially for Q3, and a good start and good pace management in very tricky conditions.

“So I’m not going to lie, I’m proud of the weekend. I think the team is doing a very good job on the pit stop call and riding soft tires at the right time. [in qualifying]Go to medium tires at the right time [in the race] Then, install the inter-tires at the right time. Overall, I think it was the strongest weekend at Ferrari. “

But he admitted that he wasn’t completely happy to finish at the bottom of the podium after leading the early stages.

“I don’t know if it’s perfect, but it can be a very strong word. In retrospect, perfection isn’t the right word because there’s always something that can be improved. But my most perfect weekend is that. Let’s do it, that’s right.

“Obviously, finishing P3 after leading a race isn’t very good. What we need is to continue working as a team and stick to it the next time we’re in a position to lead the race. To win the race and make sure you aren’t suffering as much as you suffered from grain. You were defenseless on straights and so on. Keep improving as a team and be able to maintain it next time. “

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Sainz calls Sochi “arguably the best weekend for Ferrari” ・ Race Fans Sainz calls Sochi “arguably the best weekend for Ferrari” ・ Race Fans

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