Sainz hopes that nothing “strange” will happen to Leclerc in the F1 battle for P5 – Motorsports

Prior to Sunday’s race, Leclerc was fifth with 158 points, ahead of Lando Norris with 154 points and Sainz with 149.5 points.

Norris came in 3rd at Yas Marina, Sainz in 5th and Leclerc in 7th, giving him a good shot to jump Leclerc.

He has the advantage of second place over his teammates, but Sainz doesn’t care about his position and instead has a slight chance that Ferrari will overhaul McLaren to take third place in the Constructors’ Championship. Claims to be focused.

“Some strange things I don’t want need to happen because McLaren doesn’t want a chance to move forward in the constructor,” he said.

“I just want to finish the season high.

“Today’s homework is done in strong qualities, tomorrow is a strong race and I’m very happy during the winter vacation no matter where I finish in the championship. I’m already in the P5 battle between Land and Charles. This is the third year, but having a chance to actually beat them means that it’s already a positive year.

“And to confidently enter the winter vacation, you need to finally concentrate and have a good season, and it’s definitely useful today.”

Carlos Sainz Jr., Ferrari SF21

Photo: Jerry Andre / Motorsport image

Sainz felt that the Abu Dhabi qualifying was further evidence of his recent steps.

“Especially in the last 6 or 7 races, I feel I was able to get the most out of my car in almost every qualifying. This is something I’ve done many times at McLaren, and pushing was a little lesson. In this last third of the season.

“Honestly, I’ve been with Max against strong qualifying throughout my career. [Verstappen], Rand and Charles, and I have never felt anything to lose to them.

“I think this last third is doing what McLaren and Toro Rosso are doing.”

He was relieved when performance became important after the disappointing first day in Abu Dhabi.

“I wasn’t at home for the first time in the 6th and 7th races on Friday. I was really a little lost and didn’t understand why.

“Today I turned around and found a car that was easy to drive. Thanks to the team, I was able to adapt myself. It was still a pretty challenging qualifying, but I managed to put it together.

“The way we handle the tires was very important. Not only did we change the floor and gearbox, but we also installed the racing gearbox, which certainly improved performance.

“But the tires were big. The second quarter was really pushing sectors 1 and 2, but the sector 3 was always struggling. The third quarter changed the approach a bit and was very We got into a solid sector 3. The third quarter goal was 1 minute 22 seconds. “

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Sainz hopes that nothing “strange” will happen to Leclerc in the F1 battle for P5 Sainz hopes that nothing “strange” will happen to Leclerc in the F1 battle for P5

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