Sakuna: Here’s a complete patch note of rice and ruins updated to version 1.04

Sakuna: Rice and ruins It has been released for over a month and has been upgraded to version 1.04 to celebrate it. This includes some fixes, tweaks, and various other improvements.

Once again, by courtesy of Nintendo Everything, we have a translation of the latest patch notes.

– Players have used Divine Raiment to reduce staggering after catching nothing.
– Fixed an issue with Fierce Furrow where hits can be difficult to land depending on frame rate and skill level.
– Fixed a healing bug when using the Milky Way or Purification Mirror when certain Spirit Bows are enabled.
– Fine-tune your home camera.
– Fixed an issue where release conditions were not updated randomly when moving items in and out of the fertilizer pit.
– Fixed an issue where adding ingredients to the fertilizer pit would cause recipes that could no longer be created to disappear.
– By adding fertilizer to tea, you can now get Nibancha (summer).
– Increased medicated-based spawn rate in Hidden Crimson Spring.
– Fixed an issue where quest information would not be displayed during the event.
– Players can now use Soul-Stealing Mask + to advance events that require Soul-Stealing Mask.
– Fixed other minor bugs.

You can view previous updates here and here. Have you updated to version 1.04? Have you played this game yet? If not, why not check out our review?

What do you think about the latest update? Please let us know in the comments.

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