Sam & Max Save The World Remaster is out

Freelance police are back in the case with a remastered version of Sam & Max Save The World. You might remember it as Sam & Max Season One when Telltale Games released it in 2006. Please upload their old works. You can get the mitt with today’s release.

If you are not familiar with Teltail Games or Freelance Police yet, here are the details. There are dogs and rabbits known as Sam and Max, freelance police who solve the stupid crime hijinx in a comic series created by Steve Purcell. Save The World is a puzzle-like point, click in the episodic classic adventure game stream where Telltale was known before it was closed in 2018. This remaster was compiled by the former developer of Telltale. Reorganized under the new studio Skunkape Games.

When they first announced the remaster last month, Skunkape explained that they weren’t planning to do a full remaster version first. “Initially, we only planned to patch Sam & Max Season One on a PC, so it will work better on today’s computers,” they said. “But when we got to that, we realized that we had a lot more to do. Some things we could do now thanks to better technology, and we didn’t do it at the time because we didn’t know how to do it. There is also. “

They added dynamic lighting and remastered all the audio using the original release source files. We’ve also tweaked the in-game character model based on feedback from Purcell. The game now also supports 16: 9 displays instead of the original 4: 3.

“With the new user interface and opening credit sequence, the game feels like one cohesive whole, rather than six separate episodes,” says Skunkape. “Some important scenes have been punched up with new acting and camerawork, creating some new external places to establish shots. Composer Jarid Emerson Johnson was the original musician. I wrote five new jazz tracks played by some of them. “

Sam & Max Save The World can be found on Steam and GOG for £ 15.49 / € 16.79 / $ 19.99. If you already own Sam & Max Season One at GOG, Steam, or the Telltale Store, where Skunkape explains how to use it on your site, you can upgrade to the remastered version and get 50% off. There is also a Nintendo Switch version for those who have a console.

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Sam & Max Save The World remastered is out now

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